Which 0-3 team will get a win this weekend?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

It’s almost certain that one of the three 0-3 NFL teams will get a win this weekend. The question is which team will it be? It should be stated that two of the 0-3 teams reside in the NFC North a division that looks down of recent. The Detroit Lions were a playoff team last year after being reduced to rubble in one off-season. The departure of former first round draft picks Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley set this team back defensively. However it is the offensive line that seems to be the key reason for the team’s regression. Quarterback Matthew Stafford has no time to make anything happen in the Detroit Lions backfield showing that the first round draft pick of Laken Tomlinson was not enough to secure Detroit’s offensive line woes. The team will have to put even more effort into making that offensive line sustainable for a quarterback to have success. In Chicago the Bears have not seen the change they were looking for under first year coach John Fox. While Fox is a tremendous football coach, the team is severely depleted of talent and that has been the reason for these three losses. In an effort to blow the team up, the Bears have decided to ship out defensive end Jared Allen and middle linebacker Jon Bostic. Moves that show the team is looking to purge any player not fitting their long term vision. By looking to rebuild the team the Bears will look to get a fresh start. The new players coming in will be more in line with Coach Fox and general manger Ryan Pace’s plan. Maybe their plan is to go with an offensive strategy moving forward since they got rid of two key defensive players. Or maybe they just want to get younger on defense. Only time will tell but it likely won’t be the Bears getting a win this Sunday. Then you have the New Orleans Saints. After Brees missed action last Sunday look for him to get back to doing what he does best, airing the ball out. This offense has the potential to make plays, the team has just really took a step back defensively. It will be up to Brees to will this team to a victory if they do manage to bring home their first win of the season. Truthfully though out of the 0-3 teams the Lions have the best chance to win. Followed by the Saints and then the Bears. It seems like out of these three teams Detroit is the most talented and the Bears are the least. Keep an eye to see how they pan out Sunday.


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