2016 NFL Draft kicks off with a bang:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Quarterbacks are still king

The Los Angeles Rams started the draft off by selecting the best player on the board and that was Jared Goff when it came selection time for the Rams. Goff was the most polished quarterback on the board and has the ability to be the best quarterback the Rams have ever had. Goff gets to stay in his home state of California and gets a chance to lead the resurrected Los Angeles Rams back into NFL limelight. The Rams paid a lot to get the number 1 pick but they got the decision right by picking Goff. Gurley and Goff will be a nice tandem offensively for years to come. The second overall pick went to the Philadelphia Eagles and they selected Carson Wentz. This is a strange pick because the Eagles are overloaded at the quarterback position. Now the team losses out on several future draft picks and they already started chemistry issues with starting quarterback Sam Bradford. Weā€™ll see how it plays out in Philly but things arenā€™t looking that promising right now. Still the Eagles got a good qb in Wentz and maybe that can make up for everything the Eagles gave up to get to that number 2 pick.

Tunsil goes up in smoke

Laremy Tunsil was widely predicted to be the number 1 pick heading into the 2016 Draft and all that fell apart when Tunsil released a video of himself wearing a gas mask on his Twitter account right before the draft started. The gas mask is a marijuana smoking device and the timing of the video was just awful for Tunsilā€™s draft stock. Tunsil fell all the way to the number 13 spot where the Miami Dolphins were able to snag up the former Ole Miss offensive tackle. Itā€™s a good fit for Tunsil and Miami but the character issues and red flags are certainly there for Laremy Tunsil. It will be up to him to address these concerns and make sure he doesnā€™t have any let downs for the Dolphins. The are counting on this guy and if he focuses he can be a tremendous football player in the league.

Ezekiel Elliott goes to the Dallas Cowboys at the 4th spot

With Joey Bosa being selected by the Chargers in the 3rd spot, Jerry Jones was put in decision making mode. He ultimately decided that Ezekiel Elliott out of Ohio State would be the best choice for the Cowboys moving forward. The Cowboys load up their backfield by drafting the most talented running back in the draft. Elliott will be a great fit for the Cowboys and when you blend him with Alfred Morris and Darren McFadden. You begin to notice that the Cowboys have effectively built a backs by committee system that will help take the pressure off Tony Romo in his return from shoulder surgery. You can almost guarantee that the Cowboys, that offensive line, and Elliott will have it going offensively and you canā€™t blame the Cowboys for taking this pick. They are a better team with Ezekiel Elliott.

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