2016 will be the last ride for Michael Vick:

Photo credit: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

Not many athletes were as explosive as Michael Vick was on the football field. Vick who grew up in Virginia has been blowing people away with his athletic prowess since Warwick High School all the way back in 1996. At Warwick High, Vick was able to throw for 4,846 passing yards and 43 touchdowns. His efforts were so impressive that Vick would eventually land a scholarship to Virginia Tech to play for Frank Beamer. Vick would eventually step on the field as a redshirt freshman at Va Tech and his football heroics were back on display for the world to see once again. Vick finished his collegiate career in Blacksburg with 3,279 passing yards and 21 passing touchdowns. He also managed to rush for 17 rushing touchdowns, showing that he was athletically superior to his collegiate peers. Those efforts at Virginia Tech were enough to help Vick get drafted number 1 overall in the 2001 NFL Draft by the Atlanta Falcons. Vick only played in 8 games his rookie season with the Falcons, instead he learned the game from the sidelines with a clipboard behind Chris Chandler. Eventually the reins were handed over to Vick and he continued to be dominant physically on the football. Often using his 4.33 40 yard dash speed to out run opposing defenders. Vick was so gifted with his feet and scrambled so much better than any quarterback weโ€™ve ever seen before. To the point that he truly embodied the skills that make up what we know now as the mobile quarterback. He would open the door for so many future players to follow in that mold and break the traditional role of a conventional pocket passing quarterbacks. Vick has 22,474 passing yards and 133 passing touchdowns up to this point in his NFL career. He also has contributed 36 rushing touchdowns as well. Now with Vick coming out and stating that he feels he has one last season in him. We have to wonder if we will ever get the chance to see Mike Vick on a pro football field again commanding an offense? Last year he saw limited action with the Pittsburgh Steelers but managed to throw for 2 touchdowns and 1 interception in the 3 games he started. It appears his future days will be as back up, but hey itโ€™s not a bad way to make a $970,000 dollars a year. Vick will forever be remembered as a legend and inspired many with his elusive football moves. It’s been a great run.

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