Kyle Shanahan draws up the plays and Jimmy Garoppolo makes it happen. Why the combination of the two is so important to the 49ers success:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Ever since San Francisco hired Kyle Shanahan thereā€™s been a lot more hope in terms of what the 49ers can accomplish? Every player in that locker room believes in Shanahanā€™s ability to create plays on the offensive side of the ball. In the modern era of the sport thatā€™s so critical because weā€™re playing an advanced level of the game compared to the past. The rise of the spread offense has really opened things up big time and Shanahan knows how to apply those principles perfectly to his game plan. We saw it early on in Kyle Shanahanā€™s career with the Falcons, Redskins, Browns, and Texans. Now the San Francisco 49ers are benefiting from their young coachā€™s schemes and philosophies which are far beyond a lot of the other coaches inĀ the league. As important as Shanahan is, the 49ers also need someone who can go out and execute the calls from the sidelines. Jimmy Garoppolo is that guy and what a terrific job the former 2nd rounder has done. Garoppolo is one of the leagueā€™s brightest young stars winning five straight games after arriving in San Francisco and bringing a swagger back to the Bay Area. There hasnā€™t been this much excitement for the 49ers since Jim Harbaugh was in town and itā€™s good to see this organization back on track. Together the tandem of Shanahan and Garoppolo will be a formula for success for years to come. Remember everyone said Jimmy Garoppolo was lighting it up for New England Patriots in practice. Shanahan really did well with Matt Ryan in Atlanta and he might be able to do even better with Garoppolo as his long term quarterback solution. Itā€™s almost like a match made in heaven because both guys can bring out the best in each other. So the mutual benefits are really what make the Shanahan and Garoppolo pairing such a fascinating one.

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The 49ers success comes from Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy Garoppolo’s offensive execution.

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