If Will Fuller can stay healthy he has a ton of upside. Fuller is more explosive than most of the defensive backs he lines up against:

Photo credit: Tim Warner / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Third year Texans Receiver Will Fuller has been making a name for himself by simply running past defenders. Fuller ran a 4.32 40 dash at the combine back in 2016 so there isn’t many cornerbacks that can match up with him. It’s going to take opposing team’s top cover guy to guard Fuller and that’s still going to be a tall task. Will Fuller works the vertical passing game so well and its almost defensive suicide to line up in press coverage against the Texans speedy receiver. If the defensive back misses their bump attempt the former Notre Dame standout is going deep for six. It’s just way smarter to play soft coverage against this guy and let him catch all the underneath stuff. Really the only knock against Fuller is the fact that he has missed eight games over his first two years. There’s definitely some durability concerns which is mostly due to Will Fuller only being 185 pounds. When Fuller is in Houston’s line up though it changes the outcome of football games and his 7 touchdowns last season make that clear. If Fuller can record 7 touchdowns in ten games it’s frightening how good he can be once he becomes a full time player. It also has to be concerning to the Texans that DeShaun Watson’s year was cut short due to an ACL tear. When you step back and look at this situation Houston has a lot of health problems which can end up destroying their dreams. If Watson or Fuller can’t go then this team doesn’t have a shot at living up to their potential. Which means the team doctors and the training staff are going to have to work their magic and make sure they keep a close eye on these banged up skills players. The Texans future will depend on it.

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Broncos’ defense clamps down 49ers offense, even with 6 starters on the sidelines:

Photo credit: Ezra Shaw / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Denver Broncos are known for having one of the better defenses in the National Football League and the San Francisco 49ers found that out first hand. Denver had 6 starters out of their starting line up but still managed to goose egg the 49ers for the first half of action. Eventually Kyle Shanahan was able to get a touchdown in the 3rd and 4th quarter but the fact the Broncos were able to handle the Niners so easily is a testament of their defensive talent. Everyone knows Shanahan is one of the brightest offensive minds in the league but Denver is so much more superior when it comes to the overall roster talent. A lot of the Broncos number 1 guys didn’t suit up but San Francisco couldn’t find a rhythm on the ground or through the air. When Denver gets Von Miller, Derek Wolfe, and T. Ward on the field that defensive output will significantly improve, which has to be extremely frightening for NFL offensive coordinators. It’s so hard to get in a groove offensively because it takes another level of cohesion. Typically offenses take much longer to get going than a good defense, which is exactly why defense is key to success in this league. Each team has a greater chance of being a dominant defense than being a high powered powered offense, so you better make the most of that opportunity and optimize your defensive play. The Broncos have been doing that better than most teams in the league for the past couple years and now all this franchise needs it Trevor Siemian to step up and make some magic happen. Von Miller and company will keep points off the board, we all know that. It’s up to Siemian to get the guys on the offensive ball to believe in him and Denver has to get some continuity on offense. It’s the only way they will get back to Super Bowl contention.

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Future Hall of Famer, a global brand, Antonio Brown has accomplished everything a pro football player could ever dream of. Now everyone wants to see if he can restore the Raiders back to greatness:

Photo credit: Justin K.  Aller / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

There’s no bigger draw at the wide receiver position than Antonio Brown. He’s by far the most popular pass catcher in the league and it’s not even close. Brown has dominated media headlines all off-season and part of that is because he enjoys the attention.

However there’s no denying that Brown has always backed it up on the field. With 6 straight 1,000 yard seasons it’s amazing how much the former 6th round pick has defied expectations. Yea he pushed his way out of Pittsburgh but he landed in Oakland and we all know how much history the Raiders have. When the silver and black are winning football games it’s always a feel good story. Al Davis, John Madden, Jerry Rice, and Tim Brown are people who helped make this league what it is today. Now Antonio Brown is pairing up with Jon Gruden and those guys are helping this franchise return to greatness before they make their move to Las Vegas. We know they definitely have some momentum on their side because it’s been a great three months for their roster. Tyrell Williams, Trent Brown, Clelin Ferrell, and Josh Jacobs will also be joining Brown with the Raiders. So it’s clear this a team that’s overhauling everything and they’re in the process of building it back up. Still though Brown is their ace in the hole and he’s coming off a 15 touchdown season in 2018. Gruden knows his new receiver can’t lose much production if this offense wants to make significant strides. It won’t be easy for Brown because he’s getting used to a new system and a new environment. Those are challenges he hasn’t had to deal with since being draft back in 2010. The one thing this guy has going for him is he’s a workaholic and so dedicated to his craft that he usually blows his competition away. Oakland got a good one and they know it.

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Antonio Brown is a global brand and a future Hall of Famer but can he turn the Oakland Raiders around?

Kareem Hunt was doing a little bit of everything at Cleveland Browns OTAs. It’s amazing how much excitement he can bring to this team:

Photo credit: Peter G. Aiken

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt was one of the most electrifying players in all of football but that was before he was released for an off the field issue. Browns GM John Dorsey had a relationship with Hunt because they both spent time together with the Chiefs and that was a big reason the 23 year old running back decided to sign with Cleveland.

Even though Hunt will have to serve an eight week suspension before he gets to suit up it’s already clear what he can bring to this offense. At OTAs Hunt stood out and looked like one of the best athletes participating in those practices. Whether it was flying through drill work, catching the football, or blowing by defenders with his burst it’s obvious Hunt hasn’t lost a step. Nick Chubb will have to carry the load out of the gate but eventually the Browns could have the best running back tandem in the league. It’s even possible Chubb ends up losing his job to Kareem Hunt because it’s going to be hard to keep this guy on the sidelines. At the end of the day the NFL is about competition and the best players have to be in the starting lineup. With all that’s at stake for Cleveland Hunt’s skill set may be needed during a late season playoff push. We know this team will be very close to making the postseason with all of the playmakers they have. By establishing a proper rushing attack those goals will be much more achievable and it’s going to help this group take control of games. So many other things will fall into place from there and Hunt is a punishing ball carrier that can wear teams down. We’re talking about highlight reel football and that’s going to make this franchise a big draw once week one arrives.

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Kareem Hunt was his old self at Browns OTAs.


Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen’s rivalry will resume after Rosen joined the Miami Dolphins in the AFC East. This will be another exciting chapter for two players who have a lot of similarities:

Photo credit: Michael Reaves / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

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It’s amazing how similar Sam Darnold and Josh Rosen’s journey throughout life has been. Both guys are quarterbacks who are about 6’4” 220 pounds. Each of them played football in Los Angeles one at USC and the other at UCLA. Now the two 2018 first round draft picks will move to the East Coast and compete for teams on the opposite side of the country.

Sam Darnold is in a better situation and he has much more talent around him than Rosen does. However that means Darnold will also face a lot more pressure. Nobody expects the Miami Dolphins to be very good but the New York Jets have made a lot of solid roster moves this off-season. So Darnold has to be the second coming of Broadway Joe (Namath) to be accepted by the New York media. Whereas Rosen gets to be in a role where he can overachieve and inspire hope into a franchise that hasn’t had much to cheer about lately. Then of course there’s going to be those head-to-head battles where Darnold and Rosen will really have a chance to leave their mark. Darnold has always got the better of his adversary when he was playing for USC. Although it must be noted that Rosen had better stats and seemed to throw a better ball. So it’s always been competitive fire vs arm talent when these two players have faced off and don’t anticipate a change once the Jets and Dolphins meet up twice a year. This isn’t exactly Magic vs Bird yet but it’s one of the better story lines that we’ve seen recently and each match-up should draw in some decent ratings for the league. Fans love good quarterback play because it makes the game exciting. The AFC East is loaded with great QBs and the Darnold / Rosen saga could be something we get to witness for years to come.

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Get ready for another exciting chapter of Rosen vs Darnold in the AFC East.

The Dallas Cowboys are looking better than they have in a very long time. They’re starting to take control of the NFC:

Photo credit: Ronald Martinez / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

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It’s been a long time since Jerry Jones has been in the position he’s in now. The Dallas Cowboys are the reigning NFC East champs and they got even better this off-season. Jason Witten, Robert Quinn, and Randall Cobb have all been added to their roster and there’s so much to be optimistic about. It’s very possible that Dallas emerges as the favorite on the NFC side of the bracket.

Los Angeles and New Orleans both lost some key pieces and it looks like they could take a small step backwards. Which opens the door for someone like the Cowboys to make the leap to the top of the conference. The biggest threat could be the Philadelphia Eagles who also had a terrific off-season with the additions of Jordan Howard, DeSean Jackson, and Malik Jackson. Then there’s Chicago who will always be force as long as they have their elite defense intact. To be fair though they also have a stout defense down in Arlington Texas. Demarcus Lawrence, Leighton Vander Esch, Jaylen Smith, and Byron Jones were all outstanding a year ago. They’re not quite as good as the Bears but then again Dallas didn’t have to sell the farm to acquire all of their top notch defenders like Chicago did. So from a long term perspective they’re in a much better position and it just goes to show that America’s Team is ascending. One of the most important story lines for them will be Dak Prescott and how he handles the offense late in the season? We already know this franchise is good enough to get to playoffs but that’s when you’re really tested. Prescott threw for 266 yards, 1 touchdown, and no interceptions in the divisional round loss to the Rams. However He’ll need to put up at least three passing TDs in every elimination game the next time around. Other than that everything else looks promising.

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The Dallas Cowboys could take control of the NFC side of the bracket in 2019.

One of the best things the AAF did was remind us of how good of a coach Steve Spurrier is. NFL teams should be rolling out the red carpet for the 73 year old play caller:

Photo credit: Sam Greenwood / AAF

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Alliance of American Football has already came and went but that doesn’t mean everything about the failed league was bad. One of the best things to come from the latest attempt at minor league football was the reinvention of Steve Spurrier. After spending time at Florida, South Carolina, and with the Washington Redskins Spurrier took over the Orlando Apollos and led them to a 7-1 record. They were the best team the AAF had to offer and a lot of that was because Spurrier was dissecting defenses with his offensive expertise.

It got to the point where the Apollos always had a man wide open underneath on a crossing route or they’d have Charles Johnson working a fade up the sidelines. Mike Singletary and Tim Lewis are strong when it comes to defensive x and os but Spurrier still carved them up. Which brings us to our next point and you have to wonder why no NFL teams are reaching out to the 73 year old coach? Obviously his age is one big challenge but if he’s the best coach available then it really shouldn’t matter. You have guys leading teams in the NFL who never even played the game. So to overlook Spurrier is downright unfair and hopefully these owners take note of what he was just able to accomplish. Why settle for a young coach who’s unproven when you can get someone who can run laps around the competition? Talent like that doesn’t come around very often and he’s vital if you’re a billion dollar team who’s in a win at all costs business. Not only does Spurrier deserve another job he’d be great for the sport. The NFL needs Steve Spurrier more than the old ball coach needs the big leagues. He’s already had his moment but it’s still clear someone like Jerry Jones should roll out the red carpet for the Florida Gators legend (Spurrier).

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NFL teams should be rolling out the red carpet for Steve Spurrier.

It’ll be exciting to see how Zac Taylor changes the Cincinnati Bengals and the biggest improvements should come on offense:

Photo credit: NurPhoto

Author: Jon Kuzma


Things are going to be completely different in Cincinnati after Marvin Lewis was let go this off-season. Lewis had been with the team since 2003 and it’s hard to imagine the Bengals without him roaming the sidelines. However this is an opportunity for Cincinnati to turn the page on the last 16 years and get a fresh new start in terms of leadership. That’s where former Rams quarterback coach Zac Taylor comes into the picture. Taylor was actually a pretty good quarterback at the University of Nebraska and he also spent time with the Miami Dolphins’ staff. This guy is often praised for improving Ryan Tannehill and Jared Goff so he hangs his hat on stellar QB play. There’s even been some rumors that Taylor might try to acquire Tannehill and trade away Andy Dalton. Obviously shaking things up will probably be a good thing for this organization because their best days are in the rear-view mirror. By bringing in a whole new cast of players it can help change the nucleus and give the Bengals a new identity. The idea is they’ll be scoring more points than they have in the past and Taylor also has to improve the team’s discipline. Lewis struggled to reel in Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones when he was on their roster. Those problems have to be fixed and then it’ll be up to the offensive guru (Taylor) to work his magic. A.J Green and Tyler Boyd are good enough receivers to execute a legitimate passing attack. Joe Mixon is a good running back too so there’s some pieces there. It’s all about figuring what they’re going to do at quarterback and adding couple of free agents or draft picks on the offensive line. This isn’t a barren wasteland though the Bengals can be rehabbed into a contender. Zac Taylor just has to make the right tweaks and build up a positive culture.

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With Zac Taylor leading the Cincinnati Bengals the biggest changes should come on offense.

Deebo Samuel could springboard into the first round thanks to a dominant week at the Senior Bowl:

Photo credit: Icon Sportwire

Author: Jon Kuzma


Former South Carolina Wide Receiver Deebo Samuel’s stock is soaring after completely dominating at the Senior Bowl practices. No pass catcher was more impressive and it got to the point where nobody could cover the the 23 year old either. Not only that but there was highlights of Samuel catching several touchdown passes and that eventually flooded everyone’s Twitter timelines. 247 Sports editor Allen Bell said it best “Deebo Samuel made himself some money this week” and there’s no doubt that statement is true. All of these playmakers are jockeying for position and someone had to step up and solidify their self. We know Samuel is ready to get to work because he came out and showcased just how valuable he could be to an NFL team. If you’re someone like the Raiders or Colts who are picking 26th and 27th overall. Why not take Deebo Samuel and give your team an extra weapon out wide. Oakland needs to replace Amari Cooper and the move just makes sense. Indianapolis would also benefit a lot from picking up Samuel because it would put a more talented cast around Andrew Luck. Look some players just have a knack for shining when the stakes are high. Samuel proved he’s the real deal as a Gamecock and now it looks like those skills will translate over to the next level. This is a guy who has a smooth release and he knows how to use hesitations to run crisp routes. Then the final piece of the product is his hands. We saw that if a football gets near Deebo Samuel he’s going to haul it in. Some young athletes would get nervous and have a few drops with all of those NFL scouts watching. It takes supreme confidence to overcome that adversity and now we might hear Samuel’s name called in one of the top 32 picks.

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A strong senior bowl could springboard Deebo Samuel into the first round.

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