Aaron Hernandez had the world in his hands before throwing it all away for a life of crime:


Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

Author: Jon Kuzma

Aaron Hernandez was recently found with a shank in his prison cell and the former New England tight endā€™s story just seems to get darker and darker. Hernandez who is in prison for the murder of Odin Lloyd is also facing a double murder trial in Boston that is a separate case from the Lloyd murder. Not to mention Hernandez has been involved in two in prison incidents where he fought another inmate or was a look out man while a fight was happening. When you see Aaron Hernandez in news headlines these days you just turn your head and cringe. What if he would of chose the other route though? At one point stats wise Hernandez was just shy of Gronkowski numbers and the duo were nearly unstoppable. Hernandez over the length of his three year career averaged six touchdown receptions a season. If you factor in the experience he would of acquired in his later years of NFL action the guy could of consistently produced 10 touchdown reception seasons year in and year out. Could you imagine the Patriots offense with both of those tight end threats today? It just goes to show that the other route in life isnā€™t a more promising avenue. I bet Hernandez is wishing he shunned the ā€œhardā€ mentality that he developed growing up in Bristol Connecticut now. He threw away millions of dollars to go sit in a prison cell and he still isnā€™t getting the message. It seems Hernandezā€™s troubles started to spiral out of control when his father passed away. Obviously the incident was very painful for Hernandez but we all go through things that we have a hard time getting through. That doesnā€™t give anyone the right to take another persons life. We only get one shot at this thing called life, Aaron Hernandez has to live that one life everyday regretting his life decisions. Donā€™t follow in the same foot steps.


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