Do Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams want a fresh start with the Broncos? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


The sun is starting to set for the Packers. Because Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams are ready to take their show on the road. Rodgers and Adams want a fresh start with the Broncos. If they had it their way. That’s where they’d both wind up. And think about how much better that would make the Broncos. They’d be adding two of the best players at the QB and wide receiver positions. That instantly makes the Broncos a playoff team. Just think about Rodgers dropping back in the orange and navy blue and following that up by going deep to Adams. It would be a dream come true for the Broncos. And everybody would love to see these two team up again. Because you know they’d pick up right where they left off. The Broncos have to go all in to make that happen.