Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady Stand Above the Rest of the NFL


Photo credit: Mike Morbeck

Author: Joey Carr

So far in the 2015 campaign, most of the quarterbacks in the league are doing more poorly than most predicted. Andrew Luck had the worse QB Rating in the league, Peyton Manning appears to be on the decline, and Russell Wilson canā€™t seem to get the ball to one of the biggest targets in the game in Jimmy Graham. Ben Roethlisberger and Carson Palmer have both looked good but have played some underwhelming teams. Big Ben beat up a banged up 49 defense in week 2, but struggled against New England in week 1. Palmer has played the Saints and Bears, who are both 0-2 and both have terrible defenses. The only 2 quarterbacks that have played above average teams and thrived? Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Rodgers did play Chicago in week 1, but picked apart the ferocious Legion of Boom last Sunday. Brady faced off against an uncertain Steelers defense, but was dead-on accurate the whole game, once going 19 passes without an incompletion. Last week, the Bills defense suffered the most passing yards in their history at the hands of Brady, who threw for 466 yards and dropped back 59 times. The similarity between these two quarterbacks? They donā€™t make mistakes. Neither one of them has an interception this year, which is extremely rare this year among quarterbacks as only 6 other signal callers in the entire NFL havenā€™t recorded a pick.

Brady and Rodgers seem to defy all odds every year, as they are easily the most consistent quarterbacks in the game today. All quarterbacks seem to have their down years, but with Brady and Rodgers, they just seem to get better as the years pass. Brady is making age sincerely look like just a number, as he is on track to have the best season heā€™s ever had at 38 years old. Rodgers is perhaps one of the greatest home-playing quarterbacks of all time, as he has a streak of 451 pass attempts without a pick at home; he last threw a pick at Lambeau in 2013, when the song ā€œSomebody that I used to knowā€ by Gotye was number one of the charts. That seems like light years ago. Itā€™s one of the more amazing streaks for a quarterback to have in recent memory and the Discount Double Check Guy isnā€™t slowing up anytime soon.

These two Number 12ā€™s are the best quarterbacks in the game right now. Period. Many had predictions of Andrew Luck or J.J. Watt winning the MVP this year but as of right now, the race isnā€™t even close. The Packers and Patriots are firmly atop the NFL rankings, and rightly so. The Patriots are on a mission to get to Santa Clara and have Roger Goodell hand them the Super Bowl Trophy, just one year removed from the Deflategate saga. Wouldnā€™t that be the picture of the he century? And Green Bay is on a revenge track to make up for Brandon Bostickā€™s fumbled catch in the NFC Championship game that wouldā€™ve sent them to the Super Bowl to face off against the Patriots. Itā€™s consistently these two teams in the hunt for a ring and it will continue that way until one of them retires, and it seems unlikely that either one is planning on retiring anytime in the foreseeable future.



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