Aaron Rodgers is the guy who always shined a little brighter than everyone else and all throughout his life people tried to punish him for it:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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A Bleacher Report article came out recently and it shed light on the Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay. While the article painted McCarthy as an incompetent coach who always called the wrong plays. Itā€™s easy to see where Rodgersā€™ frustration comes from. When McCarthy was with the San Francisco 49ers they chose Alex Smith over Rodgers and that rubbed the future 2x MVP the wrong way.

So right away thereā€™s this dark cloud hanging over their relationship when both guys arrived in Wisconsin. Then thereā€™s the fact that McCarthy wasnā€™t nearly as bright as Rodgers. You have to remember the former Cal quarterback (Rodgers) scored a 35 on his Wonderlic test and he can process information at rate that’s far beyond what most people are capable of. So when McCarthy couldnā€™t keep up and he didnā€™t understand how to use personnel packages and route concepts to create opportunities for his team it made Rodgers furious. Why should Aaron Rodgers have to dumb it down to fit into a system that wasnā€™t benefiting the Packersā€™ offense? Green Bay needs a head coach that Rodgers can feel comfortable trusting and clearly Mike McCarthy was never that guy. Obviously that stirred up some insecurities in the teamā€™s former head coach just like it did when he was picked to be Brett Favre’s replacement. To be fair Favre was way worse to Rodgers but McCarthy’s attitude also began to slip because of his inferiority. You canā€™t blame Aaron Rodgers for this because youā€™re supposed to fulfill your own potential. Making your self small to appease the people around you will never be the right choice. We live in a world where jealousy and envy are all round us and you see a similar situation going on with Ben Roethlisberger in Pittsburgh. Everyone looks up to the quarterback and sometimes that makes them a target because somebody out there always wants to tear you down.

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Aaron Rodgers always shined brighter than everyone else and that didn’t sit well with Mike McCarthy or Brett Favre.

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