Will Aaron Rodgers get traded to the Jets just like Brett Favre did?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre will always be linked together. Brett Favre was the face of the Packers for all of those years. Then Aaron Rodgers took over for him. Then Favre was traded to the Jets. Well it sounds like Aaron Rodgers might be right behind Favre. Because now Rodgers is close to being traded to the Jets too. Apparently Jets Owner Woody Johnson is ready to do whatever it takes to get Rodgers. So from Aaron Rodgers’ perspective. It’s nice to go where you’re wanted. If the Jets are going to roll out the red carpet for him. That option will be entertained. I also think if it were to happen. I think Aaron Rodgers would have a better run with the Jets than Favre did. Remember Favre was only there for one year. So I’ll take the over with Rodgers.

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