Aaron Rodgers has been looking rusty at Green Bay Packers training camp. Apparently the former MVP has thrown several interceptions and been out of sync with his receivers:

Photo Credit: Ronald C. Modra / Sports Imagery

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Packers are coming off a terrible 7-9 season and a big reason why this team struggled is because Aaron Rodgers was sidelined with a shoulder injury for nine games. Now Rodgers is healthy enough to play but he’s still struggling at training camp. Apparently Rodgers has thrown seven interceptions so far and even had back to back three interception days. With morale already fading from a poor 2017 season you have to wonder if Green Bay is going collapse this year? One thing is for certain if Rodgers isn’t in tip-top shape there’s no way the Packers can put it all together. We know their collection of players isn’t that great and Rodgers really elevated this team to new heights. How many times were the Packers in a jam only to have Rodgers bail them out? That remarkable 2016 run when Green Bay was 4-6 only to have Rodgers guide them to 6 straight wins stands out. Those are the type of moment the Packers need from Rodgers but lets be honest Green Bay has had an overall grade of B- talent on their roster the past couple of campaigns. It’s hard to keep overachieving with those kind of players and Aaron Rodgers has to be the catalyst if the Packers want to turn things around. To make matters even worse Jake Ryan just tore his ACL and he’ll be out the entire year as well. So Green Bay finds themselves in the crosshairs and it’s been a while since they’ve seen this type of pressure. If there’s another losing season in Wisconsin expect Mike McCarthy to be fired and it’ll be the first time the Packers have had back to back losing seasons since 1990 and 1991. Obviously with all the prestige that organization has they’re not going to settle for those type of results and there’s definitely some concerns for the Cheesehead fan base.

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Aaron Rodgers has been looking rusty at training camp and that has to be a concern for Packers fans.

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