Aaron Donald is on the right path but not quite JJ Watt status yet:

Photo credit: Michael Thomas

Author: Jon Kuzma

Aaron Donald got it right when he said he isnā€™t on JJ Wattā€™s level yet. The second year player for the Los Angeles Rams has been getting compared to the Houston Texans defensive end but acknowledges himself that the comparisons arenā€™t fair yet. To be honest Aaron Donald is already one of the games best interior defensive lineman. Donald consistently draws double teams and can drive opposing offensive lineman deep into the backfield. That frees up Donaldā€™s teammates to scrape and make plays from sideline to sideline. Donā€™t believe the hype surrounding Donald? The former Pittsburgh Panther has 11 sacks in just two years of NFL action. When you take into account that he is a defensive lineman and not a defensive end. You can begin to understand the pass rush that he is bringing as a player. To be fair Donald is extremely talented against the run as well. The guy can single handedly make an impact that very few players in the National Football League can. The Rams have a cornerstone on that defense in Donald and he makes everyone around him better as well. Defensive backs have better stats playing with a player like Donald because he can put pressure on the quarterback and cause them to make ill-advised throws. Jeff Fisher has to be ecstatic to have a guy like this on his defense. Now with the Rams moving to Los Angeles, a guy like Aaron Donald will be a great sell for the Los Angeles market. If Donald can block out the LA noise and keep doing what he has done up to this point of his career. Good things are coming for Aaron Donald in his 3rd season. Expect him to get better with time and continue to make a tremendous impact. If he keeps up at the pace he has been at. He will certainly be in the conversation with JJ Watt sooner or later.

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