Acquiring Case Keenum significantly improves the Washington Redskins quarterback position at a minimal cost. Make no mistake about it this was a smart decision:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Well we knew something would happen to Case Keenum sooner or later and now he’s been traded to the Washington Redskins. That was a smart decision by Bruce Allen and Jay Gruden because they’re only paying Keenum $3.5M and he cost a measly 6th round pick. For how much this move will sure up the quarterback position you’d think that the fans in the Washington D.C area would be a little bit more excited. Keenum might not be a huge splash but he’s much better than playing musical chairs at QB. That’s exactly what happened last season when Alex Smith went down with an injury but now it’ll be up to Colt McCoy and Keenum to battle it out for the starting job. Based off what we’ve seen the past couple of years it’s very likely that Keenum will end up seizing that opportunity.

He’s seen significant action with the Vikings and Broncos throwing for 40 touchdowns over that span of time. This is honestly the best thing that could’ve happened to the former undrafted free agent (Keenum) because it gives him another shot at being a starter. If Smith doesn’t return it’s possible that Keenum could take over this gig full-time. Another thing that must be pointed out is Case Keenum is so resilient. Never once did he listen to the naysayers or the people doubting him. When no one drafted him back in 2012 he pushed on. When things didn’t work out in Houston, Los Angeles, Minnesota, or Denver he pushed on. In some ways his story is very similar to Ryan Fizpatrick’s. Both guys were overlooked but never gave up when the going got tough. Ultimately that determination has helped each individual achieve a much longer career. Which has also been good for their bank accounts.

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Adding Case Keenum was a smart decision by the Washington Redskins. There’s no doubt about it.

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