Adam Gase continues to blame everyone else for the Dolphins problems. For as good as he is at calling plays, he is equally as bad at managing talent:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Halfway through the regular season Adam Gase seemed to throw former Dolphins running back Jay Ajayi under the bus by trading him away to the Philadelphia Eagles. Today Gase made another poor management decision by somewhat blaming Jay Cutler for the Dolphinsā€™ 2017 dreadful season. While Gase didnā€™t publicly speak poorly about Cutler, Miamiā€™s head coach instead announced Ryan Tannehill is the teamā€™s starter. Most coaches would allow both QBs to compete for the job but itā€™s clear how Gase really feels about Cutler from this approach. The only way Cutler would comeback to Southern Florida is if he is the main guy and Gase essentially pushed Cutler out by already naming Tannehill his starting quarterback. Itā€™s becoming overwhelmingly obvious that as good as Gase is at the xs and os side of football, he is equally as bad at managing talent. That can spell disaster in the league because you have to be able to connect with your players. All the second year coach has done is scapegoat the people in his locker room every time things got rough. Now to be fair itā€™s easier to talk about character when youā€™re watching everything unfold oppose to actually living it. However Adam Gase has to humble himself a little bit and learn how to take the fall for his team. Good leaders sacrifice themselves for the better of the organization and there might have been some upsides of going with Jay Cutler. The first thing is Cutler is almost $8 million dollars cheaper than Tannehill so that extra money could have went towards improving the other positions on this roster. Not only that but Tannehill missed all of this season and thatā€™s going leave some rust on his game. Cutler would have benefited from taking all of those snaps this past year and therefore the Dolphins should have went with 34 year old veteran moving forward.

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