Adrian Peterson offers the New England Patriots a prorated price for his services:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Adrian Peterson has hinted that he would take a pay cut to play with the New England Patriots. Sources close to the veteran running back have stated that Peterson would play for less money if New England were interested in his services and now it’s up to Belichick to make a decision on the matter. Last season LaGarrette Blount rushed for 18 touchdowns last season, however Blount is a free agent. You have to think the Patriots would prefer to have Blount back first because of his production from a year ago. If that falls through though Peterson could be a decent fit in that role. In order for Peterson to be affordable for the Patriots he would have to be willing to play at $2 million dollars a year. A price that would be much less than other team’s offers. That could ultimately squash the deal between the 2 sides especially since Peterson could get over $5 million dollars more playing somewhere else. Truthfully because of those circumstances it feels like this contract will fall through but you never know especially with the Patriots. New England is known for bringing in veterans looking to win a championship, guys like Junior Seau, Chad Johnson, and Cory Dillion all signed with the Patriots later in their careers with the hopes of winning a Super Bowl. So the Patriots are familiar with tapping into an aging player’s talent and trying to revive their career. For Peterson that situation would certainly be better than playing for the Vikings but at this point we have to wonder if Peterson can hold up for a full NFL season? Peterson has been lackluster lately and needs to show he can be what he once was. Running backs lose it quickly in the NFL and that’s because once your fast twitch muscles don’t fire as quickly as they used to you can’t keep up with the speed of the game. Peterson has to prove his muscle stimuli are up to par with the other backs in the NFL and most importantly he has to prove he can still be effective running the football. It seems like a different location might be better for Peterson but if he is adamant about playing for the Patriots, it’s very possible.

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