Adrian Peterson: Return to Greatness


Photo credit: Joe Bielawa

Author: Jon Kuzma

Adrian Peterson is slowly but surely resurrecting his National Football League career. After spending all of last season off with a suspension. Peterson has returned to the Vikings and helped lead the team to a 2-1 record. The pairing of Peterson along side of Teddy Bridgewater has been a favorable combination for the Vikings this far. However the ground game has been clearly the reason for the Vikings overall success this year. The team ranks 3rd in total rushing yards with 144 yards per game. Adrian Peterson who Endzoneblog said was a great candidate for the M.V.P award is leading all NFL rushers with 291 yards. Validating Petersonā€™s claim that he is best rusher in the NFL. The Vikings were missing that big play capability that Peterson brings to the table all of last year. Now Peterson is on a mission to carry out his own personal justice for that suspension that kept him out of NFL action for all of 2014. He can do that by winning the rushing title and challenging Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady for the M.V.P award. It feels like it is almost certain that it will come down to those 3 finalist for the award. If Peterson is able to keep up this pace of 97 yards a game. He will finish the season around 1,552 yards rushing for the year. A great season for most backs but mediocre for Adrian Petersonā€™s standards who once rushed for 2,097 yards in a season. With Aaron Rodger looking to reclaim his M.V.P award it is up to Peterson to defy the odds and out perform Rodgers. To do so he will have to put up compelling numbers in either yards gained or touchdowns produced. On top of that Rodgers has maintained a clean image, and Adrian Petersonā€™s image has taken a shot over the last year. He will also have to overcome all of that in the voting to win those awards. If there is any football player to bet on though, itā€™s Adrian Peterson. Heā€™ll surely return to greatness.

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