Jon Gruden will end up restoring the Raiders to greatness. All signs suggest Gruden is changing the culture in Oakland:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Jon Gruden knows how to coach football and thatā€™s becoming more and more evident everyday at Raiders OTAs. The former Super Bowl winning coach (XXXVII-2002) hasnā€™t skipped a beat in his decade away from the sidelines. Now Oakland seems enthusiastic and upbeat about their future. When morale is this high good things tend to be the result of it. Grudenā€™s impact is definitely being felt in the East Bay Area and that should be a warning to the other AFC West teams. Leadership is so crucial and it was once said that an army of sheep led by a lion could defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. Jon Gruden is a lion in every sense of the word and his methods are going to have a trickle down effect all the way to the 53rd man on this roster, and then to the practice squad guys too. Thereā€™s no substitute for having a calculated general like Jon Gruden calling the shots for your ball club. Every single transaction they make from here on out will run through Jon Gruden at some point. Ultimately that brightens the outlookĀ for the Raiders future. If you look at the moves they made this past offseason it’s easy to see that Reggie McKenzie and Gruden wanted to build a collection of good players who could fit in roles opposed to just signing the best free agents available. There was some nice strategy executed on Oaklandā€™s behalf and now the proof is in the current state of this organization. The stock arrow is pointing up and the ticker could jump even higher if Gruden starts calling some amazing plays on game day. We all saw what Sean McVayā€™s offensive creativity did for the Rams. Gruden could be even better than that so the Silver and Black are on the rise and itā€™s only a matter time before theyā€™re playing winning football.Ā 

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We’ll say it one more time all signs suggest Jon Gruden is changing the culture!

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