Alshon Jeffery will be staying in Chicago after Bears franchise tag him:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Alshon Jeffery is a big factor in the Chicago Bears passing game and the team made sure he wasnā€™t going to leave the Windy City. The Bears franchise tagged Jeffery today to ensure that he wonā€™t leave town via free agency. Jeffery is the Bears most talented wide receiver and the front office knew he was an essential piece to the puzzle moving forward. Jeffery will be in Chicago for at least one more season and the Bears will certainly try to negotiate a deal to keep him from leaving next year. The franchise tag essentially means the Bears retain Jeffery on a one year deal but they will be paying top price for the receiver. The amount Jeffery will make in 2016 is $14.599 million dollars. Not a bad paycheck for just one season of action, although Jeffery would most likely prefer the security that a long term deal entails. Regardless Jeffery has earned his respect as one of the better receivers in the league. He has caught 24 touchdowns over his 4 year career and has was also able to go over the 1,000 yard receiving mark two times in his career. Those contributions were enough for the Bears to covet Jeffery as a good enough player to apply the franchise tag to. With the Bears going 6-10 last year with Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery on the roster, the team would of been in trouble losing both players. They minimized the damage by placing the tag on Alshon Jeffery and you have to consider this a win because ultimately he doesnā€™t leave town. By keeping their top receiver around it allows the Bears to get additional help for Jay Cutler in the offseason. Without having to replace the teams number 1 receiver, which would have set the Bears offense way back. Now the team will be able to build around Jeffery and find other pieces that will elevate Cutler. Too sum it up this was a really good move for Chicago.

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