Ameer Abdullah One of the Big Winners in Early Preseason Action:

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Photo credit: Instagram @ameerguapo

With the preseason on its way like every year there is a few athletes who stand out and make us wonder. Will this success translate to the regular season? As most football fans know the preseason is a time when a teamā€™s bottom end players get more playing time. The exhibition matches in preseason are essentially used as a measuring stick for some guys who will or will not make a team. So when a player does have success in the preseason you always have to ask. Is this the result of playing against lesser competition? Fortunately for the Detroit Lions it appears they may have found a rising star in rookie Ameer Abdullah. Abdullah out of the University of Nebraska showed exceptional skills in college and those skills seem to be making the transition over to the pro level. Abdullah had a strong showing against the New York Jets in the Detroit Lions first preseason game racking up 67 rushing yards on 7 rushing attempts. On one particular counter run play to the right Abdullah was able to slip inside of the contain man for the Jets defense and take the run an additional 45 yards up field. The play greatly captured Abdullahā€™s burst, vision, and ability to evade tacklers on the field. If he is able to put up this kind of production with only 7 rushing attempts, imagine what he could do if he was given 20? The prospect of that production has to please the Lions front office and they arenā€™t the only oneā€™s who have been keeping their eyes on Abdullah. He has been receiving much praise from executives around the league and has even landed himself on the front page of The performance surely will help him gain popularity and look for him to make a push for the starting job over Joique Bell for the Detroit Lions. A task that will not come easy, but will happen if Abdullah keeps exceeding expectations like this.

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