Andrew Luck had his most accurate year as a passer in 2016:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Andrew Luck has always been a highly praised quarterback but after a lackluster 2015 season, Luck needed to rebound in 2016 to give the Colts a chance to compete. Luck responded with 31 touchdowns, 4,240 passing yards, and his highest completion percentage ever (63.5%). Those stats let you know that Luck was locked in and thatā€™s exactly what the Colts need moving forward to make a push in the AFC South. If youā€™re not familiar with the division the Texans and Titans are currently the front runners. However Andrew Luck is the best quarterback in the AFC South and thatā€™s always a huge advantage for a team. When your quarterback can out perform the other guys in the division that allows that teamā€™s offense to be much more prolific than the others. Itā€™s very hard to score points in the National Football League with how good the defenses are, so having a quarterback who can put up points on the board gives you a competitive edge. Unfortunately for the Colts they finished 8-8 in 2016 and missed the postseason. If Indianapolis didnā€™t have Andrew Luck though, that win total would have been much lower. The Colts problems stem from the fact that Indianapolis is suffering from a depleted roster. The Colts are particularly bad on the defensive side of the ball where they finished 30th in the league last season. So the front office really needed to make some adjustments on the defensive side of the ball and add some players who can give Luck a better chance to win some football games. If the Colts can hold opponents to just 20 points per game, that would allow Andrew Luck to work his magic and try to out score opposing teams. The Colts added some key defensive players in Malik Hooker, Jonathan Hankins, and Jabaal Sheard this off-season so that will definitely improve their defensive situation. The rest will be on Luckā€™s shoulders and keep an eye on whether or not he can put together a record breaking type of year? If that happens the Colts will be right there with the Texans and Titans when the end of the season rolls around.

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