Anthony Miller showed a lot of promise in his first season. The Bears had one of the most exciting rookie receivers in the game:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


The Chicago Bears knew they needed a little bit of help at the wide receiver position and thatā€™s why they drafted Anthony Miller in the 2nd round a year ago. Miller was known for making plays at the University of Memphis and he hasnā€™t skipped a beat in the NFL. When you watch the 5-11 190 pound pass catcher play he almost reminds you of Jarvis Landry. Thatā€™s because Miller isnā€™t the fastest receiver but he does have sure hands. Itā€™s also impressive how good heā€™s been in the red zone. Miller caught 7 touchdowns as a rookie and that set the bar high for whatā€™s to come. It doesnā€™t feel like this is a fluke either the Bears definitely have something in the 24 year old. Allen Robinson didnā€™t play great coming back from an ACL injury either. So it was huge that Anthony Miller stepped up and played a bigger role than most rookies normally wouldā€™ve. You better believe that experience is going to be crucial for him in the years to come and Chicago really needs their offense to take the next step. Thatā€™s the weakest link of their team and maybe Miller will help turn things around? In this second season he really needs to improve in the yardage category. Miller only recorded 423 yards and the best receivers in the league go over the 1,000 yards mark. By taking on more responsibility in that phase of the game then Miller can give the Bears a significant boost. Overall though you have to look back on everything he’s done up to this point and consider it a success. You never know how someone is going to stack up against the next level of competition but you have to be optimistic about the Windy City wide out. Mitchell Trubisky is going target Anthony Miller a lot in the future.

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Anthony Miller was one of the best rookie receivers in the National Football League.

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