Antonio Brown and AJ Green still headline the AFC North as the most talented receivers:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The AFC North is a division that is known for it’s fierce competition. You have the Steelers and Ravens rivalry and the new Steelers and Bengals rivalry. In order to compete in those contests each team has to put the most talented receivers they can on the field. For the Steelers that is easily Antonio Brown and for the Bengals that is clearly AJ Green. These are the top 2 receivers in the conference and both players have been playing at a high level for a very long time. With Antonio Brown you have a guy that has been a top 3 receiver in the league the last two season. Brown can beat you a number of different ways and when you pair him along with Ben Roethlisberger you begin to understand why his numbers have been so impressive. Antonio Brown has been so good that for the last 3 consecutive seasons he has went over the 1,000 yard receiving mark. That goes to show how dominant this guy has been on the football field and don’t expect anything less from him anytime soon. For the Bengals AJ Green has been equally as impressive. Green enters his 6th season never finishing under the 1,000 yard mark in his career. That has been 5 consecutive seasons of bringing in at least 1,000 yards receiving and when you have a player that dominant, it adds such a huge boost to your football team. Green has also contributed 45 touchdowns to the Bengals offense as well. So you can see how big of an impact this guy has had and it’s clear both of these players are the best wide receivers in the division. Look for both players to continue their dominance in 2016 and keep an eye on which player has a better season between the two. That will likely mean that player is the best receiver in the division.

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