Antonio Brown signs with the New England Patriots and he makes the defending champs even better:

Photo credit: Icon Sportswire

Author: Jon Kuzma

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Desperate to replace Rob Gronkowski the New England Patriots had to find other offensive playmakers. They selected Nā€™Keal Harry in the first round of the NFL Draft and brought in Demaryius Thomas during free agency.

The defending champs also caught another break when Antonio Brown was released from the Oakland Raiders. Of course Bill Belichick has made a habit out of signing castoff receivers and Randy Moss is the most notable. While Brown is this current eraā€™s closest version to Moss. Brown is so famous and popular that everything he does is under the microscope. Meaning heā€™ll have to be very low key if he wants everything to work out in New England because Belichick has a no nonsense culture. Thereā€™s no pandering with the Patriots and Brown will have way less slack than he had with Jon Gruden. Although there is several positive takeaways from this news. Going from a struggling Raiders team to the greatest dynasty our sport has ever seen is definitely an upgrade. Antonio Brown probably realized how much of a step backwards Oakland was from Pittsburgh, talent-wise. Well the Patriots always got the best of the Steelers and that means Brown is in a better situation than heā€™s ever been. Both of these teams actually face off in week one but Brown canā€™t suit up until week two. However itā€™s only matter of time till they cross paths again (playoffs?).

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