Are the Eagles sure they want to trade for Deshaun Watson?

Author: Jon Kuzma

Adam Schefter reported that the Eagles have the best chance of trading for DeShaun Watson. This leads you to believe that Watson will be cleared to play this year. But the reason the Eagles should pass on Watson. Is because it will cost too much to pry Watson away from the Texans. Philadelphia could have three first round picks in the next NFL Draft. So it doesn’t make sense to spend all of those picks on one player. Which means it should be Jalen Hurts time for the Eagles. Save the picks. And let’s see if Hurts can seize the moment. When his number is called. If Howie Roseman felt great about drafting Hurts. Then he should stick to his guns. There’s no doubt Watson is a better player. But this isn’t the right move for the Eagles. The best long term decision is staying put. With what they have. Who knows maybe Hurts will shock the world?

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