Are the New England Patriots and Tom Brady heading their separate ways? There’s plenty of signs that seem to indicate that:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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There’s been so much speculation about the New England Patriots the past three years. We’ve heard reports that Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are at odds and can’t stand each other anymore. Brady has considered leaving the team in the past because of how he’s been treated and some thought Belichick would retire after last year’s Super Bowl.

Then there was the rumor that Belichick wanted to trade Brady and keep Jimmy Garoppolo so that was another challenge for everyone involved. And now we’re hearing that Tom Brady’s house is for sale in Massachusetts and you have to remember Brady’s new deal is actually void after the 2019 season. The Patriots also can’t franchise tag Brady because of a clause in his new agreement. All of these signs lead one to believe this could be the last ride for Brady and the Patriots. Belichick wants to prove he can win another Lombardi Trophy without his future Hall of Fame quarterback. On the opposite side of the coin Brady is ready to show what he can do for some other team. Based on the past you have to believe both sides will be professional and put their egos aside in hopes of making one more great run. It’s been 19 years of greatness for Brady but it’s starting to feel like he’ll have on a different jersey in 2020.

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Are the New England Patriots and Tom Brady finally heading their separate ways.

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