The Arizona Cardinals are about to come crashing back down to earth. The fun is over with and they don’t stand a chance in the NFC West:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Arizona Cardinals had a decent off-season. They hired a new coaching staff and drafted Kyler Murray first overall. Yet none of those moves will save them once the games are actually played. Part of the reason they will fail is because the NFC West is so tough right now.

Los Angeles went to the Super Bowl last season, Seattle is always a contender, and San Francisco is probably the most improved team in all of football. Which means there’s not much left over for the Cardinals and they’re going to get a wake up call real soon. Now that doesn’t mean they will be as bad last season. Arizona has a better roster and that will translate into more wins. Just don’t expect Murray to be this team’s savior any time soon. Facing off against NFL defenses is much more difficult than playing in the Big 12 (where they don’t even believe in defense). Murray will get beat up like he hasn’t had to deal with in a long time and his toughness will be put to the test just like Josh Rosen’s was a year ago. Although the most surprising thing about this whole situation is the fact that GM Steve Keim didn’t address the offensive line like he should’ve. This team was dreadful at protecting the quarterback in 2018 and they didn’t do enough to patch up those problems. Yea the additions of J.R Sweezy, Marcus Gilbert, and Lamont Gaillard help but there’s a reason those players weren’t very coveted. Kliff Kingbury took over the NFL’s worst franchise and he hasn’t had an overwhelming amount of success either. So while the Cardinals have been trying to sell to us that a new era is coming to the desert it’s obvious that this whole situation is very close to the dumpster fire we’ve seen in the past. Larry Fitzgerald will regret not skipping town and Kingsbury could have second thoughts about not trading down on draft night.

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The Arizona’s Cardinals feel good story is over. They’re going to come crashing back down to earth.

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