The Arizona Cardinals hired Kliff Kingsburg to fix the NFL’s worst offense. Based on Kingsbury’s past that’s going to come in the form of consistently throwing the football:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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It’s no secret Kliff Kingsburgh loves to throw the football. Kingsburgh learned his approach to the game from one of the spread offense’s pioneers Mike Leach. Those guys use a system which is primarily run out of shotgun formations with four and sometimes five wide receivers on the field. It’s an aggressive pull out all the stops philosophy and believe it or not it might just work for Arizona. For example the Cardinals averaged 158 passing yards per game in 2018. That’s anemic when you consider Kingsbury’s Texas Tech quarterback Alan Bowman threw for 605 yards against Houston this past season (one contest). Then a couple years before that Patrick Mahomes let it fly for 734 yards in a single game. So Kingsbury knows how to cultivate an environment that’s conducive to the quarterback position. The hope is Josh Rosen will respond well to his next coach’s training and it’s very likely he will. This new coaching staff is going to get more out of the receivers too and it’s a smart decision in the sense it will improve the team’s greatest weakness (lack of scoring). Arizona’s opponents won’t be able to blitz as often because it will leave them vulnerable against Kingsbury’s concepts. The position that will be hurt the most by this acquisition is the running backs. Texas Tech isn’t exactly known for their balance and like mentioned above everything is tilted in the passing game’s favor. Which means David Johnson’s potential could be limited in the future. That’s one area that Kingsbury must improve in and the other area is definitely his leadership skills. You see it all the time with offensive guru’s like Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan. Sometimes these individuals are great at calling offensive plays but they struggle when it comes to getting their players to buy into what they’re selling. In many cases older head coaches command a little bit more respect and that’s possibly why Kingsbury struggled in Lubbock (35-40 record). Overall this was still a good hire though and it’s worthy of an “A- grade.” The Cardinals have a buzz right now and soon we’ll get to see what they do with the number one pick in the draft? Things seem to be trending upwards after a terrible stretch.

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Kliff Kingsbury was hired to fix the NFL’s worst offense. Arizona is rolling the dice on an offensive innovator.

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