Arizona will be a tough match up for the Packers:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Arizona Cardinals have been one of the best teams in pro football all year long. They are a dynamic team that can beat you in a number of ways. Carson Palmer is really the focal point of the offense and he has had a tremendous year recording 35 touchdowns and 4,671 passing yards. It will be interesting to see how that week layoff effects the Cardinals when they host the Packers tonight in the NFC divisional round match up. For most of the year theyā€™ve been a dynamic offense that put up a load of points. The Cardinals are ranked 1st in yards per game (408.3 yards) and second in points scored per game (30.6 points). So they pose a serious risk for the Packers secondary and it will be interesting to see how the Packers defensive backs match up against the Cardinals wide receivers. The Cardinals also have a wide range of wide receivers that can beat you a number of ways. From the veteran Larry Fitzgerald to young dynamic playmakers like John Brown. The other thing that is really in the Cardinals favor is their defensive pass rush. The Packers really struggle to protect quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Cardinals have a top ten defense in every statistical category and that is another advantage for this team heading into that match up. Rodgers and the Packers were able to iron out their wrinkles against the Redskins. That was a great effort from Green Bay but they will have a much tougher time against Dwight Freeney, Patrick Peterson, and the rest of the Cardinals defense. Look for the Cardinals to do their best in eliminating Eddie Lacy, and James Starks as well. Those players together make up the Packers rushing attack and help relieve Rodgers in this Packers offense. Bruce Arians is a very good football coach and keys in on these situations and these players. That is why theyā€™ve had the success that theyā€™ve had and why the Cardinals will likely beat the Packers tonight.

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