Eagles dominate in preseason match. A result of Kelly’s system:


Photo credit: Kevin Burkett

Chip Kelly had quite a bit of pressure on him coming into this season. While he is a tremendous football coach we can all agree. There were questions whether or not his “sell the house” mentality was going to pay off. Gone are star players Lesean McCoy, Jeremy Maclin, and Nick Foles. They were replaced by hand picked Chip Kelly players which include Sam Bradford, Kiko Alonso, and Demarco Murray. The concerns were never really whether or not Kelly could coach the team, but rather is he making the right personnel moves? Well some of those questions can finally be put to rest. The Eagles have scored 76 points in two preseason games and they’re 2-0. Thrashing both the Ravens and the Colts. While it may be too soon to get excited. Things at the moment do look bright for Philadelphia and it could be a sign of things to come for this football team. Another area worth mentioning has to be the offensive system. It’s almost as if the offense is a machine and there are interchangeable parts that can be inserted. For instance the offense has looked good with just about any quarterback in the game. The rushing attack has looked good with Murray or Matthews taking carries. And upfront the guys are creating space and opening up running lanes for these running backs. Right now they are firing on all cylinders and it all goes back to Kelly’s idea of culture. It’s no secret that Kelly has publicly stated he believes the culture and environment you develop will always beat any scheme. In Kelly’s approach this might be the music playing at practices and his uptempo pace that his players must adhere to. All these little strategies, tendencies, and philosophies are what make up the Chip Kelly system. It is ultimately the reason for his success as well. He deserves a pat on the back. Philadelphia fans may be in for a treat this year.



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Seahawks won’t return to the Super Bowl without Kam Chancellor:


Photo credit: Ryan Lock

In the last two years of NFL action it’s hard to find a player that has been a tougher s.o.b than Kam Chancellor. Nate Burleson got it right when he said “Chancellor puts the boom in legion of boom.” The guy has been an absolute force for the Seahawks the last two seasons and in particular during the postseason when performance matters most. In the 2013 and 2014 postseason combined Chancellor has intercepted 3 passes. Some defensive backs play a whole regular season which is sixteen games and finish with less interceptions than that. Not to mention Chancellor is the Seahawks’ brick wall defender. Leveling guys not only in the secondary on pass plays. But also coming up in run support and acting as an enforcer for the Seahawks defense. Not many guys have had as big as an impact for their team as Kam Chancellor has and he is a vital piece to the Seahawks puzzle. Now, with Kam Chancellor threatening to hold out and Michael Robinson stating that “Chancellor will sit out the whole year”. The Seahawks are left with two options. Either open up negotiations and extend Chancellors contract. Or ignore Chancellors demands and risk him sitting out the season. Really the longer the Seahawks wait the more the morale is going to drop for the Seahawks collectively. You don’t want Chancellor feeling like he isn’t wanted in Seattle. When a player’s happiness drops typically performance does as well. On top of that Chancellor is indeed a key performer for the Seahawks and has earned his money. It makes sense to address the issue as quickly as possible if your the team’s front office. Yet with giving a new deal to Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Bobby Wagner. Cap space might be getting tight for the Seahawks. It will be interesting to see how this things play out and more importantly how Seattle reels Chancellor back into the fold.



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Matt Ryan: shaping in to a fine pro career

Falcons at Ravens 10/19/14

Photo credit: Keith Allison

Matt Ryan or “Matty Ice” as they like to call him in Atlanta, is having an excellent career with the Atlanta Falcons. At 30 years old Ryan is entering his eighth season of NFL action. No longer a young player looking to prove his value, Ryan is now an NFL veteran who is entering his athletic prime. With those development years in his rear view mirror Ryan’s best football still might be ahead of him. A pretty strong case since Matt Ryan had arguably the best five year start of any NFL quarterback ever. Don’t believe us? Well, check the stats. In a five year span to start their career no one has more wins than Ryan with 56, no one has more fourth quarter come backs with 16, and no one has more game winning drives with 23. So while Ryan isn’t the best QB ever he does have some very key accomplishments that he can be proud of. Another big factor of Matt Ryan’s game is when you watch him you notice the discipline that he has put into his craft. He is outstanding with his body position such as keeping the ball high and the shoulders cocked. His footwork is impeccable and he always does a great job of stepping up in the pocket. He also does a phenomenal job of seeing the field and looking off defenders before making a throw. And when it does finally come to Ryan throwing the football. It’s like poetry in motion. Most of his throws are fluent, with perfect mechanics, and all of his balls have good zip on them. Maybe this is why he was able to put up 181 touchdowns and only 91 interceptions. Which is 33 more touchdowns than fellow 2008 draft classmate Joe Flacco has put up (148). If Ryan finishes the back end of his career anything like he started. He should certainly finish as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in terms of wins. He also should be a lock for the Pro Football Hall of Fame some day. You have to tip your hat to that .



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It’s time for the Kirk Cousins era to begin in Washington:

Seahawks at Redskins 10/6/14

Photo credit: Keith Allison

With former Washington Redskins’ coach Mike Shanahan coming out and publicly praising Kirk Cousins. It just adds more pressure to starting Washington quarterback Robert Griffin. Griffin got rocked last night in the Redskins preseason game against the Lions and ended up with his second professional concussion. A bad sign for the former first rounder and his time as the teams’s starter might be coming to an end. The guy who looks best suited to fill the team’s void at quarterback is indeed Cousins. Entering his fourth season of NFL action Cousins has showed some poise in his limited action. He finished 2014 with 10 touchdowns and 1,710 passing yards in only 6 games played. One thing that people in the Washington organization seem to praise about Cousins, is the fact that he is a high character guy. Cousins spent his collegiate days at Michigan State under coach Mark Dantonio. A guy who is no slouch in the college coaching ranks and is single handedly responsible for turning around the Michigan State football program. During his time there Cousins was able to become the most successful quarterback to ever come out of Michigan State. Posting 27 wins while at East Lansing. Those trials of competing every week in the Big 10 and studying under coach Dantonio now serve as a foundation for Cousins. The good habits he’s formed during that time are what has allowed him to patiently wait for head coach Jay Gruden to call his number. Now as RG3 seems to be struggling to live up to the grueling NFL expectations. It’s time for the Redskins to look to Kirk Cousins. When you plug in the film and watch the highlights its clear. Cousins mechanically is more sound, he reads the field better, and he does a better job of going through his progressions. Instead of RG3 getting flustered and fleeing the pocket, Cousins rather will trust his offensive line and rely on his footwork. Allowing the offense to operate overall more efficiently. If the Redskins can become a run first football team and allow Cousins to manage the game they should be alright. The thing they can’t do is come out and have a  20-80 run to pass ratio. Not many quarterbacks can have success dropping back and passing that many times a game. And even the best quarterbacks in the league tend to have more success when their teams also have a solid rushing attack going. The Redskins can take a huge step forward by following this formula and moving ahead with Cousins. When you have a guy who is better attitude and production wise, it’s clearly the right choice.



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Manziel needs to start or Pettine needs to go:


Photo credit: Erik Drost

An interesting turn events have taken place in Cleveland. The guy Mike Pettine seemed reluctant to endorse (Johnny Manziel) is now the best option to win football games for the Browns. Nothing could have made that more clear than tonights game against the Buffalo Bills. While Josh McCown struggled against the Bills defense throwing 2 interceptions and looking shaky at times. Manziel improved his NFL stock by throwing for 118 yards and a touchdown. That touchdown would put the Browns ahead for a short period of time before the Bills would eventually come back and win the game on a 2pt conversion in the late fourth quarter. However one thing remained clear walking away from all this, it’s Johnny Football time in Cleveland. Pettine might not like, if you’ve watched the interviews he has had on Manziel the last two years you can read between the lines that he doesn’t like Manziel. But at this point Pettine’s job should be on the line if he doesn’t start the youngster. Part of being an NFL coach is being impartial and unbiased. Neither of which Pettine has been towards Manziel. Truthfully the Browns would have been in an even better situation now if they started Manziel all last year and let him take his lumps. Now though regardless it’s time for the former Texas A and M Aggies signal caller to lead things down in Ohio. Yea Manziel in some aspects can be brash, and somewhat arrogant. At the end of the day though he is the only one with enough moxie to lead this football team. Look McCown was a good player. He overachieved during his NFL reign managing to become an NFL journeyman when his career shouldn’t have even been that long. Manziel on other hand has been a football star most of his life and there is a reason he has earned that reputation. The former Heisman trophy winner and SEC stand out has earned his prestige on the field and has worked hard off the field to clean up his image. The guy has proved he is invested in Cleveland, it’s time Cleveland show they’re invested in him. The dog pound will be throwing up the money sign shortly.



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