Football online: The transition from John Fox to Gary Kubiak in the Denver scenario:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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When John Elway and the Denver Broncos decided to part ways with Head Coach Jon Fox it was mainly due to the fact that they felt like he underachieved in the post season. Elway went on to state that “they had differences on how to get to the next level”. When interpreting that, it feels like Elway might have thought offense was the way to get the job done being a former offensive player. While John Fox is a defensive minded guy who likely thought they should improve the defensive side of the ball in the off-season. Which would make perfect sense why Elway would dismiss Fox and Hire Gary Kubiak who was Elway’s offensive coordinator during the Broncos successful 1998 and 1999 Super Bowl runs. With an offense that started to sputter just a year after being the best ever statically, maybe making the move to Kubiak was the right one. He can work hand and hand with Peyton Manning and iron out any wrinkles that the Broncos might have. The other side of the argument is maybe they don’t fit as well due to a clash in offensive philosophy. As stated above the Broncos had the best offense ever last year, and that came under Fox who was indeed a defensive minded coach. How could this have happened? Mainly offensive freedom, with Fox more focused on things on the defensive side of the ball it gave Manning more freedom to do the things he had success in on the offensive side of the ball. This was one of the reasons Manning chose the Broncos over the Forty Niners who were coached by Jim Harbaugh. Manning knew he would have more freedom in Denver over the very hands on Harbaugh. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, Manning could either improve drastically under Kubiak’s supervision or he could be kept on too short of a leash. The other questions surrounding the team would have to be how much will the defense falter with the loss of a great defensive mind? There is a reason John Fox has went to numerous Super Bowls, he’s an excellent defensive coach.

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Football players: Richard Sherman talked the talk then walked the walk

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Author: Jon Kuzma

When you hear Richard Sherman’s loud mouth antics it’s easy to mistakenly identify his methods as false bravado. The Compton California born cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks has been as brash as just about anyone who has ever donned an NFL uniform. However since joining the league in 2011 no one has backed up their trash talk more than Sherman. In fact nobody since 2011 has intercepted more passes (24) or defended more passes (61) than Richard Sherman. Those two stats that he leads are the optimity of how to measure an outstanding cornerback in today’s NFL. If that alone isn’t enough to believe Sherman when he says “I’m the best corner in the league” than maybe this will help you understand. Last year Sherman led the whole league in intercepted passes before eventually making the play that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. There the Seahawks were able to absolutely demolish the Broncos and the high octane Peyton Manning offense. Now a week and a half away from the Super Bowl Sherman is in the same situation all over again. Poised and ready to become a back to back National Football League champion a feat that hasn’t been accomplished since the New England Patriots did so in 2004 and the following season in 2005. While humble people around the world will be rooting for the Patriots to throw all over Sherman, keep in mind that Sherman is far from ignorant. A graduate of Stanford University many in the football community believe Sherman’s antics were all about marketing himself, which would indeed be a testament to his intelligence. He is a premier player in the league and whether or you like him or not you have to respect him. He could have easily fell flat on his face like we see so many other athletes do after their outlandish outbursts but when it was all said and done he backed it up. It’s safe to say Richard Sherman talked the talk then walked the walk.

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Football online: Bet on an up year from Manning if he returns:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With the rumors already being leaked that Peyton Manning will indeed return for a fourth season with Denver Broncos pending a positive physical evaluation. It’s time to assess just how Manning’s future might look. While it seems like football fans everywhere are giving up on Manning due to his poor playoff performance, one would be foolish to write off the aging vet. Manning is arguably the greatest player ever at prepping himself for success. If you factor in that for one of the few times in his career his back is against the wall (the other time being his recovery from neck injury). You’d be smart to think that Manning is going to be focused more than ever to give it one last go. A well trained and healthy Manning will likely put one last outstanding year together, and then ride off into the sunset. No matter how the following season ends that will likely be it for one of the greatest Quarterbacks the game has ever seen. So while the velocity on his throws weren’t there at the end of this season. Don’t expect the same results the following year. The only other hurdle in Manning’s future is coming back next year to begin with. At what point do you take your health into consideration and say enough is enough?

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Enough with deflated footballs already

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With the Super Bowl a week and a half away you would think that the sports media world would be focused on the biggest spectacle in sports here in America (I’m told the world cup is slightly bigger world wide). That hasn’t been the case however with the dark cloud that has been recently looming over the National Football league, which was the alleged deflating of footballs by the New England Patriots. Many analyst and and people in the football community believe the Patriots should be punished for their actions. Yet when you stop to actually think about it, the game was completely out of reach. Now if the game had been twenty one to twenty and the Patriots slightly edged out the Colts then you might have a legitimate point. However the Patriots absolutely trounced the Colts last sunday in a 45-7 victory. Now I’m not saying the Patriots shouldn’t be punished. They’ve developed a track record of suspect behavior between this and the “spygate” scandal. So if they have to be docked a mid-round pick then go ahead and do so. Just don’t go disqualifying the Patriots from the Super Bowl or banning Belichick from the Super Bowl. The National Football League’s image has taken a serious hit this last season and doing something drastic would only damage that image worse. Personally if I was Mr. Gooddell I would have done my best to keep this whole thing under wraps. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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In the case of the deflated footballs the NFL should downplay the incident

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