Baker Mayfield rubbed a few GMs the wrong way with his cockiness. Mayfield will have to produce immediately to live up to the high expectations he is setting for himself:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Heisman winning Quarterback Baker Mayfield isnā€™t short on confidence. Apparently more than a handful of general managers thought Mayfield was a little bit braggadocios in his combine interviews. Look we all know the former Sooner QB can produce on the football field but Mayfield is setting the expectations unbelievable high for himself. It will be a real wake up call going from college to the professional level. Even though Mayfield initially went to Texas Tech and immediately won the job thereā€™s such a huge gap between the NCAA and the NFL. Not only that but Mayfield is putting a big target on his back and the toughest defenders on the planet will all be gunning for him. Really it feels like this situation can go two ways. Either Mayfield is going to come into the league and set pro football on fire. Or the pressure is going to be too much and Mayfield is going to get overwhelmed by the tenacity that comes with having success on Sundays. Based on his past accomplishments it feels like thereā€™s a shot this kid could pan out and be the real deal. At the same time though Mayfield canā€™t let his arrogance start to consume him. People are counting on the former Oklahoma stand out to come into an NFL locker room and lead. By being so full of himself Mayfield will ultimately alienate some of his teammates and supporters. Thatā€™s why he has to cool it down a little bit and not let his emotions get the best of him. Everyone gets excited when they have success but poise is fundamental for long term accomplishments. Mayfield has the world in his hands right now but he has to show his maturity by displaying more humility. Either that or the rookie will have to win a lot of games to keep any negative backlash at bay.

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