The Baltimore Ravens are crossing their fingers and hoping Earl Thomas can turn back the clock:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Baltimore Ravens lost a lot of defensive talent this off-season and they signed Earl Thomas to patch those holes. Itā€™s tough for a safety to have a big impact when the front-seven isnā€™t generating enough pressure.

However if thereā€™s anyone who can create opportunities on the back end itā€™s certainly Thomas. This is a pure free safety and what that means is his ball hawking skills are the strength of his game. When Thomas plays the deep middle third he always jumps the routes that are in his zone and those takeaways can tilt the odds in Baltimoreā€™s favor. Heā€™s also got really sticky fingers and if thereā€™s any tipped passes Thomas is coming down with the interception. From a talent standpoint thereā€™s no denying how spectacular the 30 year old is. The biggest challenge for Earl Thomas will be whether or not his body holds up? The last time this guy played in all 16 contests was back in 2015. Thatā€™s a big red flag considering the Ravens just paid Thomas a 4 year $55M contract. In fact heā€™s the highest paid player on the team and when you spend that kind of money you better get it right. This has the potential to be one of the worst free agency busts weā€™ve ever seen especially if Thomas plays a season or two and then retires. Give his agent some credit though because that was a nice deal to sign after all of the medical problems Thomas has faced.

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The Baltimore Ravens made Earl Thomas their highest paid player and now they’re hoping he can turn back the clock.

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