Bears would be better off adding pieces around Cutler rather than drafting a QB:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

A lot of people have had problems with Jay Cutler and the way he leads the Chicago Bears. However the Bears would be much better off improving the team around Jay Cutler, rather than drafting a quarterback and having two QBā€™s on their roster. Right now this draft is about adding talent to the Bears roster after losing key players like Matt Forte and Martellus Bennett. This team has a lot of positions to fill to be relevant again so they have to have a good plan entering the draft this month. Landing an offensive lineman would be a good move for this team but you have to go defense first. If you can keep your opponent from scoring you can win football games. The Bears defense was ranked 22nd in the league against the run. If you canā€™t stop the running game youā€™re going to have problems in the Nation Football League. In order to improve those defensive efforts the Chicago Bears should draft the best available defense lineman at the 11th draft spot. That player looks like it will be someone like Shaq Lawson, or Sheldon Rankings. Both players would give the Bears a guy in the defensive trenches that could really come in andĀ set the tone for the Bears defensively. In the second and third round the Bears should look to fill spots on the offensive side of the ball. An offensive lineman in the second round would be a good way for the Bears to protect Jay Cutler. Maybe a guy like Jason Spriggs will still be on the board, and a pick like that would really help the Bears get better on the line on both sides of the ball. The Bears have Jeremy Langford who can effectively run the ball for the team. So in the 3rd round the Bears should add another outside receiver thatĀ can contribute to the team’s passing game, that would be ideal. The team didnā€™t have a receiver that went over 1,000 yards receiving last season. Finding a receiver who is around 6 foot 3 220 pounds and can add plays to this offense would give the team a significant boost. In the later rounds defensive back and offensive line again should be addressed. If the Bears followed a format similar to this it would greatly improve their chances for success in 2016. Thatā€™s what this draft is really about, setting those wheels in motion and building for the future.

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