Bears could lose Forte and Jeffery after a poor 6-10 season:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Chicago Bears finished in 4th place in the NFC North division during the 2015 season. The Bears struggled at times offensively especially when Jay Cutler was out of the line up. When Cutler returned and was playing at a high level the Bears managed to have a little success. Still with the team lacking in talent it doesnā€™t matter what schemes head coach John Fox implements. Things just arenā€™t going to work out at the end of the day. Unfortunately for the Bears things might not be getting brighter anytime in the future either. That is unless some serious moves are made by the front office. The Bears are on the verge of losing Matt Forte and Alshon Jeffery to free agency. Moves that would spell disaster for a team that struggledĀ  offensively with those two unique talents in 2015. While Forte is getting old for NFL running backs, he still is the Bears best option. Forte has stated publicly that he would like to remain in Chicago. Yet in todayā€™s era many times athletes just say the right things to the media and let their agents handle the business. Will Forte be playing for another team in 2015? Itā€™s hard to say. Maybe the running back is telling the truth and will do whatever he can to stay in Chicago. Then again maybe he is ready for a change of scenery and would like to play for a team that is more of a competitor. At 30 years old the most a good general manager would offer him is a 2 year contract. Itā€™s better to have a youthful running back on the come up rather than an old running back on the decline. Truthfully itā€™s easy to see Forte leaving for greener pastures. That is just the way the NFL works today. As for Jeffery, itā€™s likely he may leave as well. After the passing offense struggled in 2015 Jefferyā€™s talents could be better suited in a more explosive offense. You have to understand that players want to play for a true contender unless they are paid an absurd amount of money. The Bears have so many spots to fill to be successful that they might be better suited going for prospects rather than marquee players. The recipe for success in this league is landing good young talent and developing it. Trading Jeffery or Forte for draft picks last season could of helped lead towards that path but the Bears were reluctant to pull the trigger. Now both players may walk with nothing in return for the team. It will certainly take some magic to get this team back north of .500. It doesnā€™t look like that will happen in 2016 unless some trades and good acquisitions are made. Donā€™t count on it.

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