The Cincinnati Bengals should consider selling high on A.J Green and Geno Atkins. Time isn’t on their side anymore:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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All great runs must come to an end and it’s obvious that A.J Green and Geno Atkins are on the back end of their careers. Green is 30 years old and Atkins is 31. That might not be old in life in general but when it comes to football it means your days are almost numbered.

You have to remember the NFL is a young man’s game and players can lose a step very quickly. The last thing Cincinnati wants to do is lose out on the value those two players have because trading them away could set this team up with a bright future. Look nobody in Southern Ohio wants to see Green and Atkins leave but if they struggle in 2019 then each guy will be worth much less. It’s called selling high for a reason and Zac Taylor would benefit from those incoming assets. With a new regime taking over this roster has to be molded to their vision. We saw Jon Gruden part ways with Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper last season for similar reasons. Getting a bunch of early draft picks will not only bring in some prospects who have a ton of upside. It’ll also help Cincinnati get younger which is key in a sport where the youth tend to thrive. The other option is sticking with Green and Atkins and hoping that something drastically changes moving forward. We’ve already seen in the past it probably won’t work out and now’s the time to turn the page on all of the Marvin Lewis holdovers. Taking this chance gives Taylor a shot at getting it done his way, with his own players.

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