Peyton Manning comes up big against Chiefs with game on the line:


Photo credit: Jeffrey Beall

Peyton Manning had a historic night in the Thursday night match up which pitted the Kansas City Chiefs vs the Denver Broncos. Manning hit a career mile stone of 70,000 yards passing a feat that only the great Brett Favre was able to achieve. While that was a great thing to accomplish in the third quarter in the game itself the Broncos were trailing the Chiefs. It looked like Andy Reid and company were going to shock the world and go 2-0 on the season to start. That is when Peyton Manning had to put on the cape and pull out some heroics. Manning executed phenomenally on a drive late in the fourth quarter which gave the Broncos a chance to stay alive. On that drive Manning was able to hook up with Demaryius Thomas on 3 different receptions. All of which were around 20 yards per catch. Those big plays by Thomas allowed the Broncos to move into striking position. Four plays later Manning was able to hit Emmanuel Sanders on a 19 yard post route for a Broncos touchdown. It looked like overtime was imminent but the Chiefs still had a little time on the clock. That is when Jamaal Charles was stripped by Brandon Marshal. And cornerback Bradley Roby was able to return that fumble for a Broncos touchdown with only 27 seconds left in the game. Eventually the Broncos would go on to beat the Chiefs and Peyton Manning would go on to earn a 14-1 record against Kansas City. The comeback was one of better ones in pro football and it was really the result of Charles’ slip up. You have to be conscious of ball security late in the game and deep in your own end. The Chiefs had a chance at this game but give Manning credit for helping this team hang around. His effort played a huge roll in this win.


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Is this Peyton Manning’s last go?


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Peyton Manning has been in the National Football League for 16 seasons. Now at 39 years old Manning is returning to the Broncos to not only participate in the game he loves most but also to chase another Super Bowl ring. He has faced a number of injuries during his career which includes a serious neck injury that was operated on three times, and more recently a torn quadricep. With the hits and injuries piling up Manning sooner or later is going to have to ask himself the health question. Is playing football worth his long time health? Manning has clearly already weighed the pro’s and con’s in his head and at the end of the day the love for the game has always willed him to keep competing. On the field Manning has been anything but unproductive. He has never once passed for under 25 touchdowns in a regular season. In his career he has a total of 530 passing touchdowns which is the most ever. Now entering his 17th season Manning is just shy of breaking Brett Favre’s all time passing yards record. The record would solidify Manning as arguably the best passer of all time. The longevity of Manning’s career and the effectiveness that he executed at put him at the top of the mountain. While we are now watching Manning operate in the twilight of his career. He has still managed to be efficient especially in the regular season. It’s later on towards the end of the year that you start to see him wear down and struggle. With last year looking like Manning’s greatest falter physically, anyone observing Manning had to ask “how long does he have?” It feels like Manning has two years top but this very well may be his last ride. Lets see how far he can take the Broncos.

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Brock Osweiler: Making a case to be somebody’s quarterback of the future


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Remember last year? When Peyton Manning’s back up was frustrated because when he was supposed to get some playing time. Peyton Manning chose to go back in the game. Well that back up might have had a legitimate reason for being upset. Brock Osweiler the Denver Broncos lesser known second string quarterback had an impressive debut in his first football start since his collegiate days. In the teams first preseason game Osweiler completed 15 of 20 passes for a 151 passing yards and 1 touchdown. Commanding the offense smoothly and showing that he very well might be a number 1 quarterback in the National Football League. With his contract expiring at the end of 2015, Osweiler may have put himself in a position that will have teams knocking at his door come free agency. Maybe when that time comes a team like the Bills, Jets, or Texans will try to lure the young passer away. While you don’t want to rule out the Broncos re-signing Osweiler, and they have said he is a priority. It’s clear from his frustration last year that Osweiler believes he can play and would like a chance to play. If you have a chance to go some where else and start your own legacy or re-sign with Denver and sit around another year in Peyton Manning’s shadow what would you do? It’s an easy choice. Osweiler will likely choose to sign somewhere else and get his career as an NFL starter on its way. We’ve seen other back ups like Matt Schuab, and Kevin Kolb elevate themselves to starter status and then fizzle out. Hopefully Osweiler will be able to overcome the back up odds and be another example of a quality player just taking a little bit longer to develop. He’ll likely get the chance somewhere this off-season if he keeps performing well in the preseason. Keep an eye on him.

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Football predictions: Measuring the additions of Michael Crabtree and Amari Cooper and how it effects Derek Carr and the Raiders

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Derek Carr had a tremendous rookie season for the silver and black and fans around The Bay area are very excited about the future. It’s been a long time since the team that Al Davis built has seen success and with a 21 touchdown and 12 interception rookie season performance, it’s very likely Carr will continue that success in 2015. The Raiders clearly understood the magnitude of the situation and doubled down on the young passer by bringing in the top wide receiver in college football last year Amari Cooper out of Alabama. They also added Michael Crabtree a player when healthy we all know can play. Crabtree has accumulated 26 touchdowns and 4,327 yards in his career and is another big outside target for the young and promising Carr. With the addition of the two playmakers at the wide receiver position it really will open up the offense for the Raiders in many ways. These are hands down the best players Derek Carr has ever thrown to in a live game. The results should be big for the Raiders, and all three players should see a spike in fantasy football value. Cooper is one player that deserves to be discussed in greater depth. He amassed 3463 yards and 31 touchdowns during his three years at the University of Alabama, looking nearly untouchable at times for opposing defenses. At 6’1 210 pounds Carr has really praised Cooper not only for his body control, and physical abilities. Also for his mental toughness stating that “Cooper is second to none in work ethic”. High praise from a player who is the cornerstone of the Raiders franchise. The chemistry between the two will have a drastic effect on the outcome of the Raiders upcoming season. If all three players can stay healthy and play at an optimal level, the Raiders should have their best season they’ve had in years. Will it be enough to get them to the post season? Who knows the AFC west division is still tough with the Broncos and the Chargers. The gap has certainly closed though and it’s only a matter of time before Derek Carr elevates this franchise to the next level.

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Football online: Bet on an up year from Manning if he returns:

Photo credit: Timothy A Clary / AFP

Author: Jon Kuzma

With the rumors already being leaked that Peyton Manning will indeed return for a fourth season with Denver Broncos pending a positive physical evaluation. It’s time to assess just how Manning’s future might look. While it seems like football fans everywhere are giving up on Manning due to his poor playoff performance, one would be foolish to write off the aging vet. Manning is arguably the greatest player ever at prepping himself for success. If you factor in that for one of the few times in his career his back is against the wall (the other time being his recovery from neck injury). You’d be smart to think that Manning is going to be focused more than ever to give it one last go. A well trained and healthy Manning will likely put one last outstanding year together, and then ride off into the sunset. No matter how the following season ends that will likely be it for one of the greatest Quarterbacks the game has ever seen. So while the velocity on his throws weren’t there at the end of this season. Don’t expect the same results the following year. The only other hurdle in Manning’s future is coming back next year to begin with. At what point do you take your health into consideration and say enough is enough?

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