Are the Bills for real?


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With the Buffalo Bills thrashing the Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday in the Bills’ third preseason game you have to ask the question “are the bills for real?” They added a proven head coach in Rex Ryan who they appointed as their savior. So far that has been a good move for Buffalo due to the fact that since adding Ryan they were also allowed to lure in other promising NFL talent ex. Shady McCoy. With a whole new roster with much more talent this time around, Ryan is in a position that is far superior than he ever had in New York. Tyrod Taylor, E.J Manuel, and Matt Cassel seem like a better option at this point in their careers than Mark Sanchez was as a rookie for Ryan and the Jets. Not to mention all the young talent the Bills are loaded with the season such as Sammy Watkins, Marcell Dareus, and Robert Woods. It is clear that the Bills have made the most noise this off-season and on the field we are starting to see that translate into success. When the talent level at ever position goes up from yout head coach all the way down to your punters. Then typically good things are going to happen and that is exactly what we are seeing in Buffalo. A much more talented group that will offer the city of Buffalo a true pro football contender for the first time since Jim Kelly has been in town.

Look for this team to improve in the AFC East but they still are in a division with the New England Patriots. The team who won the Super Bowl just a year ago. And also with Miami inking Ndamukong Suh there still will be a challenge with the Dolphins as well. Yet don’t be surprised when the Bills upset a few teams. They were able to sneak 9 wins in last year with a less talented cast, we should be able to see 10 this year.

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Football players: Melvin Gordon poised for rookie season success

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With Melvin Gordon coming off a phenomenal collegiate year last fall in Madison, he seems like a sure lock for success in his first year of professional action. Many players must go through a transition period from the college level to the pro’s but Gordon is a rare specimen. A superior athlete Gordon accumulated 2587 rushing yards last fall, looking many times much like a man amongst boys. Gordon will give the Chargers a much needed boost on the ground while Phillip Rivers will brush opposing defenses back through the air. The combination will likely pay great dividends for the Chargers in 2015 as they look to compete for the AFC West title a division that the Denver Broncos have dominated of recent. One thing is for certain most football analyst have praised the Chargers in their move of drafting Gordon. With running backs being a little more accessible lately in the National Football League, many teams have opted to fill other positions come draft time. In fact in the past we have seen past running backs like Willy Parker go undrafted and then get picked up in free agency and have success. Yet when you have a talent like Melvin Gordon sitting there and you have a guy that is clearly the most promising running back prospect since Adrian Peterson. You take that chance, and in the end it is very likely that chance is going to be the right one for San Diego. The passing game will now be able to feed off the rushing game. Meaning opposing defenses will try to crouch up closer to the line after a few good Gordon rushes. Leaving the defense more vulnerable to the Rivers pass. At the same time after a few good passes from Rivers the defense will back off and leave more running spaces for Gordon on the ground. A win-win scenario for the Chargers which gives their offense a significant boost and also helped the team move up three spots in the power rankings now sitting at #13 overall. Football should be interesting in southern Cal this fall.

Football players; Melvin Gordon

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