The NFL is the real loser in their defamation of Tom Brady:



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The National Football League and in particular Roger Goodell have officially gotten out of control. Their latest blunder the “Deflategate” case which involved Tom Brady and the New England Patriots revolved around whether or not the Patriots deflated footballs that were used in games. The infraction should have been a matter that was handled in-house and should have been only a five minute disciplinary hearing. Yet here we are nearly a year later still plagued by the Deflategate case in media headlines and now we are even witnessing the exploitation of Tom Brady just to bring him down. We understand now why Brady was reluctant to give up his cell phone to investigators. A number of Brady’s emails, texts, and personal information were leaked to the public after the NFL and the Wells Report did a botch job of obtaining and securing that data. Now we must sit and watch as additional pressure is added to Brady’s work and personal life, far more than deflating footballs warrants. The league has went to great depths to tarnish Brady’s personal legacy over something so trivial as deflating footballs. When you step back and think about it, we’re not talking about Ray Rice’s situation where he struck his wife. We aren’t talking about Dan Kilgore’s situation where he was involved in a public intoxication case. We are talking about deflated footballs. Something that is not even a criminal penalty in the world outside of football unlike those other players mentioned. For the NFL to go to such great lengths to bring a man down for such a petty crime is a testament of how Goodell has gained too much power, and how the NFL discipline system is faulty. Yes if there is a serious matter that needs to be addressed then by all means it has to be addressed. But attacking any man to this magnitude for deflating a football is injustice regardless whether or not he did do it. NFL fans weren’t even allowed the luxury of being able to celebrate the Patriots as a champion before this scandal hit the air waves. It was if they were crowned and then stripped of that right to be champion. Now like I said if it is a major scandal then by all means it has to be addressed, but any time there is a winner someone is going to accuse them of cheating. If you want to come up with an accusation and defame the champ over it then at least let it be something a little bit more heinous than deflating footballs. The NFL showed their true colors in this case and while Brady might have deserved the four game suspension if he did do it, he certainly didn’t deserve to be betrayed by the league he helped build. He certainly didn’t deserve to have his personal life on display for the world, and shame on the NFL for allowing that to happen.

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Football online: Enough with deflated footballs already

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With the Super Bowl a week and a half away you would think that the sports media world would be focused on the biggest spectacle in sports here in America (I’m told the world cup is slightly bigger world wide). That hasn’t been the case however with the dark cloud that has been recently looming over the National Football league, which was the alleged deflating of footballs by the New England Patriots. Many analyst and and people in the football community believe the Patriots should be punished for their actions. Yet when you stop to actually think about it, the game was completely out of reach. Now if the game had been twenty one to twenty and the Patriots slightly edged out the Colts then you might have a legitimate point. However the Patriots absolutely trounced the Colts last sunday in a 45-7 victory. Now I’m not saying the Patriots shouldn’t be punished. They’ve developed a track record of suspect behavior between this and the “spygate” scandal. So if they have to be docked a mid-round pick then go ahead and do so. Just don’t go disqualifying the Patriots from the Super Bowl or banning Belichick from the Super Bowl. The National Football League’s image has taken a serious hit this last season and doing something drastic would only damage that image worse. Personally if I was Mr. Gooddell I would have done my best to keep this whole thing under wraps. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

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