Bidding War: The Denver Broncos and New York Jets will battle it out for Kirk Cousins

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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With news coming out of the Washington D.C area that the Redskins traded for Alex Smith that complicates things for Kirk Cousins. Instead of having a home with the organization that drafted him, Cousins now finds himself as a free agent that can sign with any team. Right now the main two franchises bidding for Cousins’ services are the Denver Broncos and New York Jets. There are reports coming out of Mile High City that John Elway is going to present a huge contract to the former Michigan State and Redskins QB. The deal is supposed to include a large sum of guaranteed money which is always nice when you’re playing a gritty sport like football. Although, it must be noted that Cousins has made it clear that his next move will not be all about financial gain. That indication lets you know the veteran signal caller would like to sign with a team that’s a contender. At the moment it feels like the Broncos are in a much better situation than the Jets. New York is completely depleted of wide receivers and the only good player they had at that position Robbie Anderson, is in legal trouble. Quarterback success is directly correlated with the receiver’s ability to catch the football. Why would Cousins go to the Jets and play with a group of guys that will ultimately decrease his own value? Even if Denver parts ways with Emmanuel Sanders there’s still a better group there than there is in the Big Apple. Not only that but you can trust John Elway more than you can trust New York General Manager Mike Maccagan. Therefor Kirk Cousins knows he will be taken care of if he goes to play for the former quarterback in John Elway. The early indications might be these two teams are the finalists to land Cousins but after reviewing all the angles it feels like the 29 year old gunslinger will end up in Denver.

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