Big Benā€™s grit and the Bengals lack of discipline are the story of the AFC Wildcard:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Lets all be honest, Ben Roethlisberger is a very tough football player. After Roethlisburger was knocked out of the game by a Vontaze Burfict hit last night. The Steelers quarterback would come back in the game when the team needed him the most. Late in the fourth quarter when the Steelers were trailing. That is when the Cincinnati Bengals really started to unravel. After a completion to Antonio Brown by Roethlisberger. The Steelers decided to go back to Brown on the ensuing play. The ball was thrown high and on Brownā€™s way down Burfict came flying over to defend the play. Burfict then struck Brown in the head which was deemed helmet to helmet contact. Which resulted in a 15 yard penalty against the Bengals. Due to the violence of the hit, Steelers assistant coach Joey Porter walked onto the field to confront the Bengals. While most of the Bengals handled it well, Adam Pacman Jones came charging at Porter and attempted to either confront or strike the coach. Jones was pushed away by his teammates and another penalty was thrown. While the Bengals could argue that Porter coming onto the field was a penalty of itā€™s own. You have to let the referees take care of that if youā€™re the Bengals. Instead Adam Jones acts like an idiot and cost his team even more yardage in a crucial time. Eventually the Steelers kicker Chris Boswell would kick the game winning field goal and would send the Steelers on to the next round. The Steelers had this game in their control most of the game. They were leading at the end of the 3rd quarter 9-0. To lose control of this game after a 16 point fourth quarter from the Bengals. Then to have Roethlisberger come in the game and inspire this team. Show how much he means to this team. On the opposite side of the spectrum. To be the Bengals and to score 16 points and take the lead and lose because the team lost itā€™s cool down the stretch hurts. The Bengals might have some of the baddest defenders in the world but it doesnā€™t matter if they canā€™t play under control. Discipline is key in football and the Bengals donā€™t have it. That is why the Steelers and their gritty leader Ben Roethlisberger are moving on to the divisional round.

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