Big play capabilities. It appears that Carolina Panthers wide receiver Curtis Samuel is heading for a breakout season:

Photo credit: Streeter Lecka / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Carolina Panthers knew they were getting a dynamic player when they drafted former Ohio State wide receiver Curtis Samuel. This team took Samuel in the second round and heā€™s always had big play capabilities. So when Samuel struggled in his rookie season due to a left ankle injury it was definitely concerning.

However Carolina never lost faith in the young pass catcher and ultimately that faith has been rewarded. With 494 yards and 5 touchdowns in his second year of action Samuel finally gave us a glimpse of what he can bring to this offense. It looks like that was just the beginning too because heā€™s been lighting it up at the teams off-season practices. Defenders are having a tough time keeping up with Samuel and itā€™s because of his speed. This is someone who is very capable of going deep on every single snap. Youā€™ll notice that he loves to run fade and post routes. The other thing Curtis Samuel does really well is make people miss when the ball is in his hands. Which is why the Panthers love to use him on reverses. What that does is take advantage of the defenses pursuit and uses their flow against them. If Samuel has the ball in the open field you can almost guarantee some fireworks are going to fly. Itā€™s almost like watching a punt returner do his thing just because heā€™s so fast and so shifty. At the end of the day the combination of D.J Moore and Samuel are going to be extremely explosive. Carolina finally has the weapons they’ve been lacking out wide. Now Cam Newton has to step up and get them involved. There’s no excuses anymore and new owner David Tepper is expecting positive results.

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