Bill Belichick is first on the list when it comes to the top 5 head football coaches on the planet, the other four might surprise you:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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There’s plenty of great football coaches on planet earth but to be in the top 5 in the world shows you’re the best of the best. Obviously everyone knows Bill Belichick is arguably the greatest football coach ever but there’s four other main guys who help make up that upper echelon of the coaching game. On this list it doesn’t matter what level each coach works at it’s more focused on who is compiling the most wins and who is dialing up the best x and os? Without further ado here are the best coaches around.

5. Andy Reid comes in at our number five spot and it’s easy to see why. With 19 years of experience and 179 NFL wins Reid has constantly overachieved when it comes to developing talent. A true player’s coach Reid is known for being well respected by his guys, a lot of that comes from the fact that Reid is very loyal. The Chief’s head coach often chooses to retain his own players avoiding personnel turnover. A good example of that would be Alex Smith and how Reid has stuck with him through thick and thin. That consistency has been a formula for success for the Eagles and Chiefs during the Andy Reid eras and it’s also helped the old ball coach become one of the best team builders in the world.

4. Urban Meyer is the fourth best football coach around and he might be the best x and os guy in the entire world. One of the early pioneers of the spread offense, Meyer took the influences of John L. Smith, Scott Linehan, Bill Snyder, and Rich Rodriguez then put his own spin on things. The result was one of the most dynamic offensive systems the world has ever seen and neither Nick Saban nor Urban Meyer have ever had a losing season in their lifetime. As a guy who clearly understands he has a gift you have to wonder if Meyer would ever consider coaching at the NFL level? The Browns and Bengals coaching jobs both could be opening up soon, Meyer would be a great hire for either organization.

3. Pete Carroll is maybe the most original coach on the list. Carroll is completely against the grain when it comes to everything we’ve ever known about a football coach in the fact that he is even more of player’s coach than Andy Reid is. What that means is Carroll has a pulse on his locker room and he understand he has to allow his player’s to express themselves. That trust Pete Carroll establishes with his players allows him to build one of the best football cultures around. That’s ultimately why we see the Seahawks constantly reload and stay competitive. It’s hard to believe that Carroll struggled in his initial two gigs in the NFL but ever since USC and Seattle it’s been smooth sailing.

2. Nick Saban is such a detail orientated guy and in that matter he is only surpassed by Bill Belichick. Saban has developed a brand that is the standard of excellence in college football which includes 5 national championships. The best players in the world want to play for the best coach and that’s why we see Alabama recruit better than everyone else every off-season. No college football coach is churning out professional prospects like Saban does and he also does a great job of preparing his players for life. When it comes to football there’s not enough good things you can say about Nick Saban and don’t be surprised if he wins another national championship this year after barely getting into the college football playoffs.

1. They say save your best for last and Bill Belichick is hands down the best football coach in the world and maybe ever. Belichick has won an amazing 7 Super Bowls in his lifetime (5 as a head coach and 2 as an assistant coach). Which speaks volumes about how the Patriots coach operates on game day. Belichick has helped so many of his assistants land their own head coaching jobs and that tells how well he is at developing his staff. Not only that, Belichick also focuses on building the best team possible. A lot of that involves finding players who fit into roles rather than bringing in the most talented players. There’s no doubt that Belichick believes in analytics that’s why we see players like Rex Burkhead and Chris Hogan flourish in their system despite being low cost acquisitions. It’s clear Belichick will do anything he can to improve his football team and he doesn’t just do that in off-season, he upgrades his roster throughout the entire year.

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