Bill Belichick knows exactly what he is doing by trading for Michael Bennett. He’s trying to entice Martellus Bennett to come out of retirement which would ensure the New England Patriots repeat as Super Bowl champions:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Another off-season is upon us and the New England Patriots are taking the bull by the horns like they usually do. Bill Belichick just traded a 5th round pick for Michael Bennett and the Patriots also got a 7th round pick along with the 33 year old defensive end. After recording 9 sacks last year in Philadelphia Bennett is expected to fill in for the departing Trey Flowers. There’s also another angle that’s definitely in play though. Belichick traded for Michael Bennett because he plans on luring his brother Martellus Bennett out of retirement. Martellus Bennett is a former Patriots tight end and the chance to suit up alongside his brother is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

New England had a decent run last year with Jason and Devin McCourty. The combination of Michael and Martellus Bennett could be even better and if you followed pro football you know how great those two have been during their careers. They’re both former Pro Bowlers and if Belichick can pull this one off this could his best plan yet. The Patriots should be able to repeat with all of that firepower and Tom Brady in particular will have weapons at his disposal. When Rob Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett are on the field New England have one the best two tight end sets the league has ever seen. The throws up the seams will eat defenses alive out of that formation and Belichick continues to be one step ahead of everyone else. Not only is he the greatest coach of all-time he’s also the best at building a roster. Belichick understands that adding a player like Michael Bennett to his defense will keep his ball club in the hunt. A team is only as good as the players they have on the field and the Patriots will be loaded with talent once again.

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If the New England Patriots have Michael Bennett and Martellus Bennett on their roster then they’ll repeat as Super Bowl champions.

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