Bill Belichick should go with Jameis Winston over Andy Dalton as the next New England Patriots quarterback:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

So we know Tom Brady is out of the picture and that means Bill Belichick has a big decision to make. He has to find out who his next starting quarterback will be and weā€™ve heard rumors all off-season that he wants Andy Dalton. Obviously the Patriots would have to work out a trade with the Bengals to get that deal done. And we know Belichick doesnā€™t like to give up very much in trades. So it makes more sense for him to just sign Jameis Winston in free agency instead. Who happens to be a better player than Dalton anyway. Winston was the NFLā€™s 2019 passing leader and he could be exactly what New England needs to get past the Brady era. When Winston was coming out of college. The scouts raved about how good his football I.Q was.

Well Belichick has the highest football I.Q of all-time. And those two together could whip up some game plans that would keep their opponents on their heels. Look Andy Dalton had some success but the Bengals defense was the real reason that Cincinnati went to the playoffs five times. New England should go with Winston and try to teach him better ball security. If those issues get corrected then Winston can be a great football player. And who would be better at fixing those problems than Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels?

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