Bill Belichick wanted to prove he could win without Tom Brady. He’s probably going to regret that decision:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The sky is falling in New England. Tom Brady announced that he’s leaving the Patriots. And while this is big news for Brady. Life will also go on for Belichick and the Patriots. Based off the reports we’ve heard in the past. It feels like the team wanted to go this route. Clearly Belichick wanted to get younger when he was adamant that they move forward with Jimmy Garoppolo over Brady. But it probably won’t go exactly how Belichick thinks. The team was already unraveling with the loss of Rob Gronkowski.

Instead of making it to the Super Bowl, New England got bounced in the first round by the Tennessee Titans. Now you have to subtract Tom Brady from that situation and you can read the writing on the wall. It’s very realistic to think that New England won’t make the playoffs next season. Belichick is great but you need talent on the field to win in this sport. And with Kansas City and Baltimore emerging in the AFC. It’s just not the Patriots time anymore. It’s sad because it’s the end of an era.

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