The Bills made a questionable move by trading Reggie Ragland to the Chiefs for a 2019 fourth round draft pick:

Photo credit: Icon Sports Wire Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Buffalo Bills are doing everything they can to stock pile picks, that was evident when the team traded Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby. However the Bills latest move might not have been the best course of action for their future. Today the Bills traded Reggie Ragland to the Kansas City Chiefs for a 2019 4th round pick and this is a big letdown because Ragland was 2nd round selection in 2016. While Ragland was injured for the entire season last year and was still recovering from the lingering effects of a torn ACL. At one point this guy was the best linebacker in all college football and was one of Rex Ryanā€™s most respected players. Sean McDermott might want to change the culture in Buffalo now that he is the head coach but disregarding quality players for bad value in return is never a sound football strategy. McDermott was adamant that Ragland wasnā€™t a good fit for his scheme but itā€™s clear the new coach wants to distance himself from anything the Bills have done in past. The point is Reggie Ragland could have eventually became a huge contributor for this football team and it was too premature for the new Bills head coach to pull a trigger on this deal. The fans in Buffalo shouldnā€™t be too pleased with this one and thereā€™s no way a better player will be selected with the 4th round pick the Bills acquired in 2019. The other problem with this trade is the fact that Buffalo wonā€™t even be able use that draft pick until three seasons down the line. Thatā€™s if the player Buffalo chooses is good enough to start as rookie (which is also very unlikely). If McDermott tanks the next two seasons thereā€™s a real possibility he could be fired and wonā€™t even have a chance to use that draft pick. So you have to question the Bills decision making on this trade and it seems like a much better option to take your chances with a recovering Ragland. The Bills loss is the Chiefs gain though, hopefully the former Alabama stand out makes Buffalo realize everything they missing out on. You know thatā€™s Reggie Raglandā€™s only focus right now. He wants to make Buffalo look like fools for sending him packing.

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