Why the Bills and Mario Williams parting ways will be good for both sides:

Photo credit: Patrick Smith

Author: Jon Kuzma

Mario Williams openly spoke out against a number of Rex Ryanā€™s schemes this year. The tenth year player out of North Carolina State University felt that the team had regressed from 2014ā€™s pass rushing production and also felt that Ryanā€™s scheme was a big factor in that regression. Itā€™s never a good situation when a player openly criticizes a coaches philosophies and every time Williamā€™s did, it opened up a case for more players to follow Williamā€™s lead. From a coaches perspective you almost want your players to take their own personal thoughts out of the strategy and would rather just have players do what they are told and execute. Give credit to Rex Ryan on how he handled the situation. Rex stated that the ā€œBills will always have an open discussion policy.ā€ Meaning that Rex embraced his players voicing and thinking on how to get the job done more effectively. While Rex is playing that card on the surface, internally he is most likely wishing that all of his players would let him coach and they stick to playing. Players have so much to process on the field itā€™s almost ideal that we have coaches who do the thinking for them. That is why the game is already set up that way. However every once in a while a players ego will get out of line and they feel the need to speak up. Itā€™s hard to say if this was the case with Williams. While Williams did do something a player should never do. Speak out against their coach. He did have some merit behind his points. The defense had been better in the past compared to now which Wiliams seen stumble from a first hand perspective. The defense was dropping some of the teamā€™s best pass rushers into coverage. A very inefficient move on the Bills behalf. Yet you have to take up those matters in the office with your coach privately rather than publicly with the media. Williams personal production was down significantly as well from the past. Whether he agreed with how things were going and yea the system could of hindered his own personal stats. Williams still should of handled things better and the Bills themselves will likely be better off. Having an aging vet who always has to go against the grain when it comes to the team is not a formula for success. It will cause chemistry and cohesion problems throughout the team. Ryan and the Bills do have to make some adjustments but they will be better off without Williams. Mario Williams will get a fresh start with a new team and hopefully will be playing under a system that better suits his talents. So hopefully he will be happier and better off as well. Regardless it looks like their time together will be over this offseason.

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