If the Bills end up losing LeSean McCoy they won’t be a playoff contender anymore:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Buffalo Bills Running Back LeSean McCoy found himself in a firestorm of drama when an ex girlfriend accused him of domestic violence and robbery. Whether McCoy is innocent or not? One thing is for certain and that’s if McCoy isn’t on the field then the Bills will take a huge step back. We’re talking about a team that goes from a wildcard spot to missing the playoffs. That’s how much of an impact Shady McCoy brings to the running game and this is the worst possible time for Buffalo. They were on the brink of turning their franchise around after making it to the postseason a year ago (which was the first time in 17 years). Now if McCoy is out of the line up some other player will have to step up in his absence. All the signs point to Chris Ivory being that guy. It won’t be easy to fill those shoes but if Ivory can recapture his top form it’s possible he can get this team close to a winning season. Hopefully everything gets resolved with McCoy and he had nothing to do with his ex girlfriend’s assault. If he is guilty of that crime though the league has to think about suspending LeSean McCoy for the entire season. There’s no place in our sport for that and the league has to set a strong precedent to prevent other players from taking similar action. McCoy has so much going for him but we’ve seen people like Aaron Hernandez who threw their whole life a way because of bad off the field decisions. You have to be very conscious of how you act even if you’re one of the best in the game. Keeping your hands clean must be the top priority and ultimately that’s bigger than being a pro athlete. It’s an aggressive sport but these guys have to shut it down once the final whistle blows. Charity of the day: 

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