The Buffalo Bills would be best off trusting Tyrod Taylor:

Photo credit Brett Carlsen

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Buffalo Bills announced recently that they may be in the market for a quarterback. While you canā€™t blame the Bills for wanting to land a big name quarterback. The team would be better off sticking with Tyrod Taylor and upgrading the other positions on their roster. Taylor was surprising effective in 2015 finishing the year with 20 touchdown passes and only 6 interceptions. So it would make more sense for the Bills to draft a defensive tackle to put next to Marcell Dareus, rather than drafting a quarterback early on. That move would allow Rex Ryanā€™s defense to take the next step on the defensive front and it would greatly improve the Bills overall as a team. In the second round the Bills should draft another offensive lineman. With the Bills having two talented running backs (McCoy and Williams) and also Taylor who can carry the ball effectively. The Bills would benefit greatly from adding a 2nd round offensive lineman to the mix. Not to mention Rex Ryan prefers a ground and pound philosophy and the Bills had the second most rushing attempts in the National Football League in 2015. Youā€™d have to think that Ryan will stick to that same approach and that is why going with a lineman with the 2nd pick would have such a great impact for this team. Finally by trusting Tyrod Taylor it allows the Bills to draft a wide receiver in the 3rd round and ultimately that gives this team the best chance to succeed. All the moves above arenā€™t possible if the Bills draft a quarterback early on. On top of that if you do draft a quarterback it would also lead to one quarterback sitting on the bench and not being utilized. It would be a much wiser decision for the Bills to add players who can potentially get on the field in 2016 and add to what the guys brought in 2015. Weā€™ll see if the Bills get this decision right and we will also see how just how much they respect Taylor as a quarterback?

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