Blake Bortles has developed a reputation as an inconsistent quarterback, it will be hard to shake that label moving forward:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have a quarterback dilemma on their hands. After drafting Blake Bortles with the 3rd overall pick back in the 2014 NFL Draft, Bortles has struggled to become an effective starter in the National Football League. Bortles has a tough time putting points on the board and that was evident in the last preseason game against the Buccaneers when Jacksonville could only score eight points. Not only that but Bortles has been a turnover machine recording 51 interceptions over his first thee seasons. There’s been a lot of speculation around the Jaguars for awhile that changes could be looming and it appears Jacksonville Head Coach Doug Marrone has opened the door for a Bortles replacement. That next player inline is former University of Michigan alum Chad Henne and while Henne has been a life time back up. The veteran quarterback does take care of the football a little bit better than Bortles does. Henne was a 2nd round draft pick back in 2008 but just like Bortles now he was eventually regulated to a back up quarterback position. Chad Henne might not have the prototype physical traits that Blake Bortles has but Henne could be a little more consistent for the Jags’ offense. Jacksonville is hoping they can exchange some of the big throws they got with Bortles for a smarter QB in Henne. Not only will Marrone’s team save a lot of money with this decision but it also sets the team up for a chance to get their next franchise quarterback. If the Jaguars put together another lackluster 3 win season you better believe they will be drafting a quarterback in the 2018 Draft. That means a rookie like Josh Allen could be in the fold at the quarterback position a year from now.

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